At least four people have died in a bus accident in eastern hesse. The tour bus fell about 50 meters down a berm on highway 4 and overturned. About 40 other passengers were injured. The bus came to a halt again on its wheels, police reported on tuesday.
According to the tour operator, the passengers came from the palatinate and the mannheim/heidelberg area. They were on their way to leipzig to celebrate the turn of the year, as the manager of the company palatina, mathilde nuber, said in hanhofen near speyer. The company has been offering the tour for several years now.

According to nuber, 44 people were on the bus – without the driver – which was driving for a company from calw in the northern black forest in baden-wurttemberg. It was followed within half an hour by a second bus with the same destination. "He has seen it firsthand", said nuber. The occupants, some of whom are said to be acquainted with the passengers of the crashed bus, have now been taken care of at a red cross center. "We know from one couple that friends were on the other bus."

Nuber was deeply shocked: "we are very, very concerned", said the 64-year-old. According to their statements, the pfalz customers come from the area between sudpfalz, kaiserslautern and frankenthal. A smaller number came from the mannheim/heidelberg area.

Harald schleicher and klaus hagen are an emergency task force without alarm and blue light. You know: when the dull creak and the destructive crash come close, a ship is churning through the frozen main-danube canal. And that means for the ice tops of the sluice houses: get to the poles and slides – time for the next operation.

"Without the eisstober we had to keep the lock closed in this weather", says klaus ullrich of the nurnberg water and shipping office (WSV), when the "calypso" was being surveyed driving through the sluice. "Otherwise the heavy ice plates could fall from the lock gate and endanger the crew", explains the deputy head of the neuses eagle district, which covers the stretch from bischberg in the bamberg district to erlangen.

Ships print ice in lock

The icebergs are needed for ships coming from erlangen, which travel downstream and are channeled twelve meters downstream in hausen. They push up ice in front of them and push it into the lock chamber. Some plates get stuck at the lower exit gate. Harald schleicher and klaus hagen from wimmelbach and their colleagues take care of them.

Hce quickly brushes off defeat against bergischen hc

Erlangen's coach frank bergemann congratulated the celebrating guests in a sportingly fair manner: "the bergische hc deserves promotion."

HC erlangen – bergischer HC 15:23
but for long stretches of the first half it looked as if the HCE could create another sensation and keep the highly favored opponents in check in their home hall as well. Until 8:8 in the 24th minute. The spectators in the packed stands of the hiersemann hall saw a game at eye level. But after that erlangen missed a number of clear opportunities. Suddenly nervousness arose and the experienced guests used this weak phase ice-cold to pull away to three goals before the break (8:11).
And even in the second half, the hosts were unable to find their own way back into the game. "It's hard to describe, but somehow we lacked the final conviction to turn the game around after the clear deficit", explained bergemann. "Certainly this time we lost the game up front in attack and not in the back in coverage.". Against the wide-ranging 6-0 defense of the guests, there was rarely a way through in the middle, and when an eubenspieler did manage to get a free throw, BHC keeper jan stochl was there to help.
"At the end of the day, we deserved to lose because we didn't manage to take control of the game. However, the result was clearer than we deserved", bergemann summarized, bergemann summarized. / HCE: deussen, selke – weltgen (4/2), schwandner (1), munch (1), kramer (2), nienhaus (1), hess (5), schneck, pankofer, stumpf, halota, bohm (1), link

lower saxony get going
The view of frank bergemann directs itself already forward, because for its auswartsspiel with eintracht hildesheim on sunday, 12. Ma, the erlanger once again have to travel a long way. Lower saxony have set their sights high, but seem to have only really got going recently. HC coach bergemann expects a "fight for which we will be prepared". Indeed, hildesheim, as a team relegated from the bundesliga, has a lot of quality in its squad, but suffered some unfortunate defeats at the start of the round. So sand was quickly in the gear, but now seems to be washed out. Victims of the new hildesheim stability were, for example, the promotion aspirants TV emsdetten. The eintracht scored ten points from the last six games. "It seems that hildesheim jungst had found exactly the balance they had been looking for for so long", suspects bergemann.
The hc must be on its guard in any case, as hildesheim still plays like a classic first division team: the 6-0 defense in front of keeper dennis klockmann is physically very robust and scores a large number of easy goals via fast-as-an-arrow counterattacks. Frank bergemann knows that his team has to fight from the start to make a difference: "we have to play consistently and with concentration."

Australian airline qantas plans rewards for vaccinated passengers

Australian airline qantas wants to reward travelers with discounts and other incentives if they are vaccinated against the coronavirus in the future.

Among other things, flight vouchers and bonus points are planned for australian frequent flyers, airline boss alan joyce told the australian television station 9news on monday. In addition, special prizes are to be raffled off. "We will be giving away ten "super prizes," at least one in each state and territory," joyce said. The winners were allowed to travel free of charge for a year on the entire route network.

With the program, the airline wants to get more australians to get vaccinated. Joyce invited other companies to follow qantas’ example. So far, only about two percent of australia’s 25 million people are fully vaccinated.