Adelsdorf's partner community has a female mayor

On 26. May was not only european elections. In many communities in italy, such as in uggiate trevano, adelsdorf’s partner municipality, the mayors were also elected.

Fortunato turcato, 64, who was mayor from 1994 to 2004 and from 2009 until now and who signed the partnership with adelsdorf more than 20 years ago, was not allowed to run again after two terms of office, as is customary in italy. Rita lambrughi (67 years old), member of turcato’s "lista civica" (burgerliste), applied for the office of mayor a few months ago and has succeeded in it. With 55.14 percent of the votes, she outperformed her competitor evelina bernasconi (42 years old) from the list "insieme per uggiate trevano" (together for uggiate trevano), which got 40 percent of the votes.

Rita lambrughi has been known in adelsdorf for a long time, having served on the town council as a "champion of partnerships" very active. In 1998 she was present at the signing of the partnership in adelsdorf and since 2012 she is a regular guest in the german partner community.