Old school as community center?

The iffigheim church, the gaden and the town hall: they form an idyllic ensemble. Preserving the town hall and putting it to good use was the dream of the people of iffigheim and the community of seinsheim. It will remain a dream for the time being, since the community probably cannot shoulder it financially.

Therefore, the clear majority (20:7 votes) in the castle meeting spoke out in favor of the conversion of the old school into a community center. Because for celebrations from 25 persons there is no room at the moment.

Favorite for the conversion would have been, also with mayor heinz dorsch, the town hall. For the old schoolhouse, it might have been possible to find a buyer. So the community now has both buildings. For the town hall had spoken that the burgersaal covers 72 square meters, while a corresponding room in the school building is 65 square meters in size.

In 1978 the main school scheblitz was founded. The scheblitz middle school, as it has been called since 2010, wanted to commemorate this event at its school festival on saturday, 9. June, from 10 to 15 remember. The motto is "40 years of middle school scheblitz – a fair of possibilities".
In addition to demonstrations, exhibitions are also planned. The parents’ council takes care of food and drinks.
The school family of the middle school scheblitz was looking forward to a reunion with schoolmates and all who are connected to the school.

Pioneer in computers

Over the past 40 years, the scheblitz high school has established itself as an educational factor in the eastern part of the county. In the seventies and eighties, the school center with its sports facilities was unique in the district of bamberg. Soon scheblitz was a pioneer in computer equipment and technology. As the first school in the district, a tenth class could be offered, first as F10, later as M-train.
The school also recognized the signs of the times early on: since 1988 there have been visits to england, and in recent years a deep friendly relationship has developed between the partner schools in london and italy. In addition to the classical school subjects, musical education has always had its place: for 15 years, brass classes and school orchestras have accompanied events far beyond the confines of the school. Prizes for art and theater groups have been awarded regularly until today. Students at the university of bamberg have been calling for the scheblitz schools, a model project within the framework of the "modus21" initiative, for just as long.

Awards and prizes

Rebranded as a middle school in 2010, there were nearly all major school awards. Finally, the middle school has also developed as a form of school, the open all-day care and youth social work was introduced. The scheblitz middle school is well prepared for the challenges of the future and wanted to give an impression of this at its anniversary school festival.

City councillors submit wish list for 2013

The city council was extraordinarily har mon on tuesday evening. Mayor brigitte meyerdierks reflected on 2012 with a short presentation: "our biggest project was the elementary school." The new annex was completed in time for the start of the school year, and where the old annex once stood, there is now only a large hole in the building.

A look back at what has been achieved
But there was also a lot going on this year: the bruckenau rhonallianz, the association of the eight municipalities of the old county, became active. Many citizens discussed the future of the region in working groups. Life has returned to the youth center and the building yard has been cleared of debris. Premiere of the sportsmen's and volunteers' awards in the fall. "We would be poor as a city if we didn't have these many volunteers", meyerdierks praised the work done year after year by numerous associations and social and church institutions.
Numerous challenges lie ahead for the coming year. Construction sites such as the long overdue renovation of kissinger strabe and unterhainstrabe are in the pipeline. The question of wind power in the rhon, the completion of the romershag highway bridge, the bone of contention that is the sinntal railroad. The fire department is getting two new vehicles and the tetsch'r want to finish the new water playground in sinnaupark. "But the demographic change will be above everything", meyerdierks identifies the central challenge not only for 2013, but also for the years to come.

Construction start for waldenfels house in april
Another high point: the new construction of haus waldenfels. "Excavation of the land is to start in april", announced meyerdierks to. "What will happen to the old wal denfels house??", emanuel fritschka (PWG) wanted to know. According to meyerdierks, there is no concrete concept yet, but "the talk is on." Second mayor adelheid zimmermann (FDP) expressed her thanks to meyerdierks on behalf of the city council. It has also had a positive impact on relations beyond the city limits. And about the waldenfels house: "that was a very rough deal, which was also supported by the district council."
"Every year again – with these words, chamberlain leo romeis announced the borrowing for the 2012 budget year. Originally, the financial plan was to incur 900,000 euros in debt this year. Fortunately, however, there was additional income of 300,000 eu ro from commercial tax. "We had to make do with a loan of 600,000 euros", proposed romeis to the councillors, who approved the project unanimously.

Munich sinks into chaos without electricity

When it was supposed to get light, it first got dark. Shortly after seven o'clock there is no more electricity in the south of munich with one blow. 450.000 people affected. 18 of 35 substations fail, small explosion in bogenhausen. A munich resident claims to have seen a very bright light of about 5 to 10 seconds coming from the direction of freising at about seven o'clock in the morning.

The municipal utilities later explain in a press conference that the cause of the power outage was a line failure in the direction of moosburg. The immediate consequence: S-bahn and U-bahn trains are canceled, even the streetcar no longer runs, causing traffic chaos. All traffic lights on the central ring road are out, cars are jammed in the tunnels. A motorist complains that the police are carrying out a rough radar check about 100 meters from the intersection of balanstrabe and standlerstrabe, even though traffic at the intersection is backed up for hundreds of meters. No official regulates traffic.

Shaving with a headlamp
Many already have problems getting out of the house at all – without electricity. Especially in high-rise buildings. In the windowless bathroom it was time to shave and brush teeth with the headlamp from the hiking rucksack. Then it was time for the descent from the 13. Stick , then to fub further on the work. Many arrived late at the office.

Breakdancing against bullying

"We can do that too." The full-bodied announcement by some of the schoolchildren was the starting point. At the time, the young high school students were there as battle bums and cheered on their classmates. One year later, the boys of the 6.Class as "the jumpers even on the stage at the schools' kreistanzfest – and they made anything but a bad figure.

For german teacher barbara liebner, the idea from last year was met with open ears and with david kunkel and philip kleinheinz, who are no longer unknown in the bruckenau dance scene, two young, motivated dancers have been found as trainers. The two bruckenauers were themselves students at the school center and train once a week at a dance school in schweinfurt, and many days a week in the TV hall at the local gymnastics club. The latter has also offered the group to continue dancing after the end of the project as a club section.

Since february, the students have been working hard on dance steps and gymnastic elements on saturdays. "Because it makes fun", said one of the 16 boys when asked why he wanted to dance as a boy.

The kindergarten merry-go-round in hochstadt continues to spin rapidly. While the new daycare center in centbechhofen is taking shape, ideas for another daycare center are already in the pipeline. Accordingly, a new daycare center is to be built in etzelskirchen. Discussions with the hochstadt daycare center managers and a needs analysis by the company planwerk have shown that more childcare places are needed, and that the existing kindergartens can no longer meet the demand.

The construction of another daycare center is necessary. For this, the city is looking for a carrier. The protestant church community of hochstadt declared that it was not available as a sponsor, reported mayor gerald brehm (JL). On request, however, caritas is said to have given the green light. In a non-official meeting, the city council unanimously decided that caritas regio gmbh erlangen and the catholic church foundation would be entrusted with the task of carrying out the project, according to brehm.

If necessary, the city will take over

If the offer is withdrawn after all, the city of hochstadt will act as the sponsor. "We already see the decision as a given", says brehm. Dean kilian kemmer reported on request that for the sponsorship mainly caritas is considered. Applications for planning must be submitted by no later than 31. July, because otherwise a demand program ends, which makes a financing of up to 90 percent possible.

politicians held lessons at the technical high school

In the framework of the "free school day" in bavaria, which was held under the motto "tur auf – kommunalpolitik schenkt eine unterrichtsstunde" ("tur on – local politics gives a lesson") on monday, the twelfth-grade students at the french-speaking switzerland technical high school had the opportunity to get up close and personal with politicians.

Principal bernhard haberl had three active politicians come to the private technical high school in eggolsheim for the event, which was initiated by the association of bavarian private schools.

"I am very happy about this opportunity to establish contact between politicians and schoolchildren, and I think it is very important to strengthen political and social commitment", the principal said in a press release.

Arkadius guzy four years ago, the lack of building sites was already affecting the district. At the town hall meeting on wednesday evening, the topic once again provoked some heated discussion – as it has in the meantime in other parts of the town.

The dilemma remains unchanged: the only possible site for a new building area is the area around the old farmhouse. But as in the past, the owners of the agricultural plots are not prepared to sell, explained local commissioner bernd hufner. According to mayor armin warmuth (CSU), the city of untererthal currently has no flat land of its own.

At the same time there are vacant building sites in the local area. Their owners are not willing to sell either. "We have a huge potential of private building plots that are not for sale", said city builder detlef mohr. The district office suggests that the city should first develop it. And hufner referred to the fact that first of all concrete people who were willing to build had to come forward.

Suddenly the lights went out, PC screens went dark, telephone systems no longer made any noise. On thursday morning around 11.3 p.M. The electricity in hochstadt was suddenly gone. In apartments and buildings, people were left in the dark or went out onto the street to see if their neighbors still had their lights on. Relief when they realized that the others were also affected by the power outage. They also saw that traffic lights remained black.

In the midst of the collapsed power grid, the hochstadt district hospital st. Anna. But the lights only went out there for a short time. Within ten seconds, the emergency power supply came back on, reported the company’s technician heiko meller. In the operating rooms, there was no sign of the outage anyway. The transition from normal operation to emergency power is bridged with a battery. Vital equipment thus had energy available continuously.

Lately, power fluctuations have been a problem for the building services technician. During eon of "power reductions" talk, the power is completely gone for him for a short time.

Paper art in the shop window

If you walk through kronach at the moment, the shop windows of optik lindlein will catch your eye. Here you can admire an unusual art project from the kaspar-zeub-gymnasium for four weeks. Students from the twelfth grade made filigree paper hats that have now found a new purpose as decoration. The impressive handicrafts look particularly good when mounted on styrofoam heads.

"The schoolgirls have put an enormous amount of time and even more heart and soul into the matter", explains silke weber, the supervising art educator. With a lot of passion and attention to detail, they designed the hats according to different themes such as nature or the sea. Last year, they had already shown what can be made out of paper – in the end, the hats were the result. "Then we have folded, cut, knurled or braided", tells a schoolgirl. They even used origami folding techniques.

Now the works of art are made available to the public and serve to decorate the shop windows, because the colorful glasses come out very well on the white background. "It’s amazing what the schoolgirls have conjured up in their lessons! In our windows and in the store we give you the platform to present your masterpieces", owner nadja weinmann is pleased about the cooperation with the kaspar-zeub high school. "Who liked, can also buy the hat", added a schoolgirl.