Rohingya will initially live in emergency camps after return

The rohingya who have fled to bangladesh since august are to be housed in temporary shelters near their former villages after being repatriated to myanmar.

This was announced by the eagle minister of bangladesh, A.H. Mahmood ali, at a press conference, as reported by the bengali newspaper the daily star. His country has proposed to myanmar to ask india and china for help in building the camps, ali reportedly said. But there could be no fixed timetable for the ruckfuhrung agreed by both states on thursday.

Ali said both countries will seek support from the un refugee agency, the unhcr, in the repatriation process. Human rights groups on friday condemned the two countries’ agreement on repatriation. "The idea that burma (myanmar) will now welcome (the rohingya) into their smoky villages with open arms is laughable," said bill frelick, head of the human rights organization’s refugee program.

Nearly 100 whales rescued after mass stranding in australia

After the stranding of nearly 500 pilot whales on the australian island of tasmania, rescuers have been able to free more animals.

So far, 94 of a total of about 470 sea suckers have been rescued and brought to deeper waters, the responsible authority announced. The number of pilot whales that have died is now given as 350, whereas initially there had been talk of an estimated 380. Twelve to 20 animals were still on a sandbank in the morning. Rescuers now hope to save these last remaining whales.

About 470 pilot whales were stranded this week in several places in macquarie bay in the west of the island. Rescue efforts have been underway for four days. Six animals were freed by rescuers on friday morning.

Fcbayern in final mode - hoeneb shows the way

Uli hoeneb didn’t chicken out – the president even gave the bavarian pros the direction for the rough soccer night at camp nou. Surrounded by TV cameras, the head of the club resolutely made his way to the lufthansa airbus in munich with destination barcelona.

There, despite the fuss about his tax affairs, the 61-year-old wants to see "his" FC bayern finally disenchant FC barcelona with world star lionel messi and enter a champions league final for the fifth time in all.

"We want to prove that the first leg was not a flash in the pan," coach jupp heynckes announced in barcelona. Hoeneb had previously played the unbending role on the trip to sunny spain. He did not choose a side entrance at munich airport, but strode upright through the middle of the crowd. Only talk love the president others. "I have total trust in the team and the coach. I’m convinced that we can do it," said CEO karl-heinz rummenigge.

Congo: oil drilling in the home of the mountain gorillas

In the eastern virunga national park, one fifth of the park’s area is to be opened up for oil drilling, according to a cabinet resolution. Drilling is also to be allowed in the central salonga park, which lies in the congo basin and is considered one of the world’s roughest rainforest conservation areas, according to the council of ministers’ decision made public on friday evening.

First we will talk about test drilling. It is not yet known whether an international oil company has already secured rights in the affected areas. Activists from the global witness group had already warned of the government’s plan in may.

The virunga national park, known for its large variety of species, is about three times as large as saarland. This is the home of around a quarter of the remaining mountain gorillas (gorilla beringei beringei). The salonga with a flatness of about 36.000 square kilometers – about the size of baden-wurttemberg – is home to the dwarf chimpanzee (pan paniscus), among others.

The Upper Franconia axis should no longer be a

The "rail conference of upper franconia" met at cafe moritz on saturday.

On the second floor of the cafe, CSU burgermeisters from upper franconia, european member of parliament monika hohlmeier and other CSU discussants were sitting at a long conference table. The members of the bundestag from lichtenfels, emmi zeulner, the vice-president of the german bundestag and CSU district chairman, hans-peter friedrich, but also the most important person for the topic: hans georg reichhart, state minister for housing, construction and above all traffic, left the table for a press conference.

"getting back on an agenda"

Nine items on the agenda, ranging from the electrification of railroads to the timing of long-distance traffic and the management of flat areas owned by the railroad, lie behind them. The upper franconian axis was a particular topic of discussion at this conference, which was initiated by emmi zeulner. This is the rail connection path that runs from hochstadt to hof and is not electrified.

Who won the ubiz 30-day challenge

From may to august, the environmental education center (ubiz) called on people to identify an area of their daily lives that should be changed for 30 days to make it more sustainable as part of the ubiz 30-day jubilee challenge. From the entries, three winners were selected who had taken on very different challenges.

"What i find particularly great is that there are also two very young participants," points out petra sommer, head of the ubiz. "We naturally perceive that the younger generation is becoming more alert and responsible in many of these areas. All the more we were pleased about these contributions ."

One of the young winners is tonia (15), who ate no animal products for 30 days. "Actually, cooking vegan is not difficult at all, as long as you cook for yourself. On the contrary, trying new recipes has given me great pleasure, and finding alternatives is easier than you first think."Jule (15) is also accustomed to questioning consumption and her own actions through her family. Not only did they set a goal for the 30 days, but they also tackled many small and rough projects. In addition to planting a basic roof, plastic-free shopping or using second-hand stores for clothing, she also makes sure to plant local varieties of vegetables outside of the challenge period or to avoid palm oil in food products.

Tens of thousands demonstrate for democracy in budapest

Under the motto "we are the majority", the participants demanded a re-distribution of votes in the parliamentary elections on 8. April, a change in the electoral law and the safeguarding of freedom of the press. The rally was called for by non-partisan activists.

The parliamentary elections were clearly won by the right-wing nationalist fidesz party of prime minister viktor orban. According to the election commission on saturday, she got 49.9 percent of the vote. Due to the electoral law, which favors the strongest voting force without disqualification, fidesz won 134 of 199 parliamentary seats and thus a constitutional two-thirds majority.

In recent days, there have been increasing reports of irregularities in the payment of votes at a number of polling stations, which have benefited fidesz. According to experts, these alleged manipulations were not decisive for the elections.

Champion rodelsee completes the round with derby victory

DJK waldbuttelbrunn – TSV rodelsee 24:28 (13:15).
Only at the beginning the title carrier had some difficulties. The home side started at a high tempo and quickly took a 4:1 lead. The guests came only with difficulty into the game and found neither in the defense nor in the attack the right means. They only woke up after a good ten minutes. The defense improved and forced the DJK several times to technical errors. Within just two minutes, they turned the game around and turned a 3:6 deficit into a 7:6 lead. The spell was broken.
From then on, the rodelsee team dominated the game and at times pulled away to a five-goal lead. Coach dusan suchy took advantage of the opportunity and made a lot of changes before the break and gave his entire squad some playing practice. The flow of the game did not stop, only the exploitation of opportunities showed small deficiencies at the end of the first half. So the waldbuttelbrunner could still shorten before the half time on 13:15.
Even after the change of sides, the top team continued to control the game. He extended the lead continuously and spatestens in the 48th minute. He decided the game with a goal in the 26:18 minute. The host did not give up, however, and tried to turn the tide once again. However, without success. Although waldbuttelbrunn were able to do a little cosmetic work on the result in the last few minutes, the deserved victory of TSV was not in danger at any time.
Accordingly, coach dusan suchy was satisfied after the derby victory: "we definitely wanted to win the game. In the beginning we had rough problems. Our defense was not consistent enough and in attack we played very pomadic. After the lead we had the game but then firmly in control and were able to call our performance. It was a good end to the season."
Now it's off to a well-deserved summer break and preparations for the rough challenge in the new season. Then 3. League announced – in the handball-mad wine village.

The will of the hc-reserve is stronger

By a convincing derby victory the second man’s team of the HC forchheim rises into the district league, also, because the HC-reserve the victory in the crucial play somewhat more "wanted" when the host.

SV buckenhofen II – HC forchheim II 21:27 (13:15)

the HC started biting and was quickly able to conquer some balls. In the attack, franz gartner scored twice and also brought his teammates well into the scene. After the HC-second took a quick 4:1 lead, the buckis changed their defense, which immediately caused some chaos in the attacking game of the forchheimer. The hosts even took the lead due to some uncorked moves.

Now was the time for hcler matthias ochs, who played a strong game in attack and defense and scored again and again (eleven goals). The HC-second used now the gaps of the offensive defense of the opponent more consistently and continued to impress with fast legs in defense (15:13).

The team of HC coach kalle ladwig presented itself wide awake also after the break. With fast counters they pulled away to 18:13. But the buckis did not give up yet, the team showed morale and fought back through goals from black uber rechtsauben and the circle summerer and sauer approached. A counter-attack by deittert meant the tie at 20:21.

Sca fishes for two desired candidates

Florian graf’s and heiko pfeifer’s tenure with the first team has thus come to an end after just one year. Although the SCA is satisfied with the work of the duo after a difficult start to the season, it nevertheless decides to make a change. "During the match-free period, the opportunity arose to sign two current bavarian league players who can be described as "dream candidates", it says in the press release of the club.

Graf and pfeifer (both 31) came from stadeln before the current season and should make a major contribution to keeping the club in the league with their class. Heiko pfeifer was unable to play in the last games of the hinserie due to injury, but florian graf is the newcomer’s best scorer with nine goals.

Nevertheless, in the summer dennis weiler and andi monius will take the helm as equal player-coaches. Both players were in the best fubballer age and brought much experience with them. Dennis weiler, who now lives in adelsdorf, has played for baiersdorfer SV, FSV erlangen-bruck and SC eltersdorf. The 29-year-old gained his first coaching experience in moggast. Afterwards the change followed as playing co-trainer to forchheim, where weiler is a firm coarse in the defense group.