Just like two days before, the habfurt hawks were left empty-handed at the end of the game. And as already with the scarce home defeat against the EV moosburg the national league player lost only hauchdunn. In the narrow 5:6 defeat at ESV buchloe, the ESC not only missed out on three more points in the fight for promotion, but also lost another player for two to three weeks: georg lang suffered a severe bruise in his shoulder in the final minute of the game.
ESV buchloe – ESC habfurt 6:5
lang, who had scored two goals for the hawks, crashed into the boards after a hard but legal check by buchloer. The attacker, who could no longer move his arm, was taken to the hospital in kaufbeuren. The initial fear of a fracture of the scaphoid bone was not confirmed during the examination.
Without jakub sramek and jan trubenekr (both ill), who had already been stricken on friday, philipp bates and ilja kinereisch, who were missing for work reasons, as well as fabian vollert (private) and pascal marx (still injured), the team from lower franconia had a tough time against the home team, which had a total of 20 players, even before kickoff. Because, according to hawks coach martin reichert, they also exerted "brutal pressure" they were rightly leading 3:1 after 20 minutes. Georg lang only scored to equalize the score at 1:1 (15 minutes).).
The pirates dominated the game in the following period as well under the leadership of their new coach norbert zabel the happening in the sparkassen-arena. After the home side had scored three more goals against the ESC goalkeeper michael tscherepanow, who held his own very well this time, only david was successful on the habfurt side (2:4, 32 minutes).), the hope for the second success in the dovetailing round shrank in view of a four-goal backlog.

ESC tries everything

At least michal babkovic, who had a boxing match with opponent simon beslic at the end of the first period and had to serve a total of six minutes penalty, scored five seconds before the second intermission siren to make it 3:6.
"After that we tried everything again", martin reichert praised the committed and aggressive performance of the habfurt team against the increasingly passive home team. David franek shortened the gap to 4:6 after a solo run (44).), georg lang scored eight minutes later the deserved 5:6 (52.).
The equalizer would have been possible, but michal babkovic – after goalkeeper tscherpanow had long since made room for another field player – failed to hit the crossbar ten seconds before the final siren (60.). "Unbelievable", trainer reichert was annoyed about the second zero yield of the weekend. "In the end, it was almost worse than on friday", said the sylbacher. The defeat was "very painful, because "unnecessary. "The loss of these points hurts us."

Opposing fan donates

That the reaction to the "hawks" solidarity the fact that petr krepelka can have a different look than the unflattering statement of moosburg’s coach bernhard engelbrecht (we reported yesterday) became clear on the sidelines of the game: a fan from buchloe spontaneously donated 50 euros to the ESC team’s coffers after the team from the district of moosburg had once again dressed up in their black krepelka jerseys. His opinion: "it is great what you are doing there."
On the coming weekend stand for the habfurter the games with the EHC konigsbrunn (friday, 20 o’clock) and the home derby against the EC bad kissingen (sunday, 18 o’clock).30 o’clock) on the schedule.

microsoft and snapchat also cancel developer conferences

Next tech companies to cancel their spring developer conferences due to coronavirus risks include microsoft and snap.

The for the 19. Until 21. May planned microsoft build in seattle should now take place as a "digital event", the software company announced on friday. Seattle is one of the areas in the u.S. That is currently particularly affected by the spread of the new coronavirus.

Snap plans to reschedule its partner summit for early april in los angeles. The company behind the popular photo app snapchat held on to the date for a long time because the event had a rather smaller scale.

The leaseholder of the castle hotel pommersfelden hort on

ADAC, adidas, bayerischer landtag, bosch, continental, honda, knauff, puma, pfizer pharma, siemens, schaeffler, toyota and a whole series of german universities: the list of references of the guests of the pommersfelden castle hotel is of course much longer. In addition to conferences, the hotel’s baroque rooms also host around 30 wedding ceremonies a year. And a lot of vacationers relax here. At the end of the year, however, this will be the end of the line for the time being. The haag family of tenants is leaving after ten years.

A bitter loss

the closure of the castle hotel is a bitter loss for the community of pommersfelden. Mayor hans beck (wahlerblock sambach) sees this as a huge blow to the infrastructure and, above all, a loss of jobs.

30 employees, including five trainees, must be made redundant by the haag family, the landlords. As renate haag assures, she and her two sons had been happy to continue running the pommersfelden castle hotel. However, legal disputes with the landlord, paul graf von schonborn, have been going on for eight years.

Because the relationship has become so strained, the haag family has decided to prematurely terminate the lease agreement, which is supposed to run until 2015. A settlement has now been reached before the higher regional court to enable the closure to take place as early as the end of 2013, reports renate haag.

Family has bought its own hotel in baden

since 2012 there have been interested successor tenants, in 2013 further ones were presented to the count, but all of them were not accepted, says renate haag. For the haags, the end of the year in pommersfelden is definitely the end of the road. In the meantime, the family has bought its own hotel in buhl in baden.

The fire burned on 7. May 1933 in the courtyard of the ehrenburg castle. Among the poets whose works ended up in flames was bertold brecht. 80 years later, karl-heinz lindner chose one of his epitaphs, wrote it on a small piece of paper and hung it on a balloon: "I escaped the sharks, I killed the tigers". I was eaten by the bugs." City councilor gabriele morper-marr (SPD) was brief: "never again war". Not all participants in the commemorative event, to which the SPD sudost had invited, wanted to talk about the wishes they had sent into the evening sky. A fire burning in the castle courtyard symbolized the burning of books in the year the nazis seized power.

Councilwoman petra schneider had previously made it clear that, in view of the role that coburg played during the period of national socialism, she had a particular obligation for the descendants in today’s time sees. "We should explain this to the young people so that this does not happen again", she said. Franziska bartl, sub-district chairwoman of the jusos, had summarized the chronology of events in coburg. She began with a quote from heinrich heine, which was to become reality in the third reich: "where you burn books, you end up burning people as well."

She then asked the participants in the commemorative event to write their wishes or quotes from poets and writers whose works were once burned on small pieces of paper and to send them out into the world by balloon. "We stand here today because we stand for our democracy, for its colorfulness, for its right to free thought and for its right to freedom", franziska bartl said.

bomb disposal in frankfurt to last all sunday

State of emergency in frankfurt: tens of thousands of residents must leave their homes early sunday morning because of what is expected to be the largest evacuation in german post-war history.

The evacuation of a world war II stowaway weighing several tons in frankfurt’s westend is scheduled to begin at 6 a.M.00 a.M., as officials said on thursday. Against 8.At 00 o’clock, the exclusion zone within a radius of 1.5 kilometers around the bomb’s location is supposed to be deserted. At least 60.000 residents must be brought to safety, according to the authorities; on wednesday, up to 70 people were expected to be affected.000 people talk.

Thousands of helpers will be on duty. Among other things, two hospitals, including the largest maternity ward in hesse, and 20 old people’s homes are to be razed. Planned operations to be postponed. The headquarters of the deutsche bundesbank, the frankfurt police headquarters and the headquarters of the hessian broadcasting company are also located in the restricted zone. Only about 20.00 a.M. Residents can return to their homes according to plans. "That’s quite a logistical challenge," said a city representative.

Christmas gifts from the best of the forest

Who doesn’t love the wonderful scent of spruce needles when walking through the forest?? This is the scent that "fischbach’s frecha fruchtla" wanted in their last action for 2017. For a whole year, the youth group of the fruit and gardening association (OGV) fischbach had dealt with the topic "our forest – our trees! Climate savers and multi-talents!" Busy. Fittingly, the young and young-at-heart had only recently put their creative energy into the service of forest animals. From spruce boards they built a feeding manger as well as a squirrel feeding house, which they then set up in the forest, filled with delicacies. This time they wanted to do something good for themselves, or rather for their loved ones, who could look forward to very special christmas presents this year – with the best that the forest has to offer

In the community center in fischbach, 21 children and their parents dared to produce very special bath balls and exclusive bath salts in the christmas workshop on saturday. Armed with scatterbrains, scales, loppers, shears and glue, they immediately set to work – and they had to share the workload! While some of the people in the "packaging department" are making mab made tailor-made gift boxes for the bath balls, it was up to the others to make the
production of the bath balls. For this purpose, portions of soda, citric acid and cornstarch were weighed out, food coloring and essential spruce needle oil were mixed with milk whitener and added as well. Afterwards one melted cocoa butter in a further bowl – over a pot with warm water – and stirred this afterwards draughty under the water. Now the mass could be pressed into bath balls with molds.

The enthusiasm was enormous when the green, fragrant beads rolled out of the molds. They were quickly wrapped in cling film and sealed with a small bow. Draped on a praline coaster, they were placed in the prepared gift boxes, which were then presented to the guests
lovingly in the "deco" department were decorated. They stamped, punched, bound and glued – and created wonderful one-of-a-kind items. Last but not least, the "christmas angels" made their way to the castle to the production of the bath salts. This was also partially decorated with food coloring and
atheric spruce needle oil was added and sprinkled in layers into a decorative glass before it was further decorated. "Spruce needleol can help especially in the coming cold season. It is anti-inflammatory, helps with rheumatism, strengthens the immune system, helps against respiratory infections, arthritis, fungal infections and sciatic pain. It also has an expectorant, diuretic, diaphoretic and antimicrobial effect", OGV chairman matthias fischer explained to the astonished children. What a valuable treasure from our frankenwald – the "forest of the year 2017"! What a great "tree of the year 2017", the spruce!

Things are happening on the aischwiesen. Where the wind vanes of the late hochstadt artist roland lindenmann once stood, greuth blacksmith thomas bochtler has begun to prepare the old foundations for the general renovation of the artwork.

The "lindenmann initiative" group of friends, who cares for the legacy of the artist, has long since made it his goal to reinstall the flood-proofed wind vanes at their old location. "In two to three weeks we want to put it up", announces katrin niblein.

Security risk

The yellow and black metal masts with the circular heads, visible from afar in the aischgrund, had become a safety hazard and were therefore dismantled years ago. Cause: the bearings mounted just above the foundation could not withstand the floodwater for long and stopped turning. This gave the wind a too coarse attack surface. The metal poles threatened to topple over.

Waldbuttelbrunn's 'sumpfler' sink to the senses

FC bad bruckenau – DJK waldbuttelbrunn II 31:24 (15:12).

The romershag witches’ cauldron hosted the bavarian league reserve team from waldbuttelbrunn, who two years ago had lost out on staying in the league in the very last game of the season against FC bad bruckenau, of all teams. The tense showdown between two teams threatened with relegation was a clear triumph for the sinnstadters with a score of 33:24, who thus crowned their first season in the upper district league. "Now waldbuttelbrunn has been promoted again and is fighting against relegation once more", reported coach oliver hilbert-probeck, who no longer wishes for such nerve-racking final games to stay in the class. The second representation of the "sumpflers is however also in this play time unpredictable, particularly if it personnel reinforcement of the first gets. FC had to do without regular keeper peter feuerstein and relied on manuel balling and thomas bieber at the goalkeeper position. In the second round the routine "dommes" bit themselves bieber came into the match fighting and highly motivated, and became a strong back-up for his front men. That the waldbuttelbrunner in the 45. The fact that the bad bruckenau team was allowed to sneak up on the opponents in the second minute to 21:20 had mainly to do with the fact that the bad bruckenau team missed the opponent’s box surprisingly often and far in the attack. You’ve rarely seen that from them in their younger days. But the guests had drunk even less target water and hammered the ball in rows to the gebalk or past the box. The players from waldbuttelbrunn tried numerous variations to tip the match in their favor. The game with possession of the ball without a goalkeeper in the own box did not always look solid and brought a lot of confusion in the DJK defense. The flow of the game suffered a little from the 14 time penalties. The experienced impartial robert hering and siegfried schafer consistently enforced their strict interpretation of the rules, so that the players on the pitch had to realize early on that any grab at the throwing arm, no matter how timid, would be penalized. In the final phase of the "sumpflern" faded away the strength and above all the concentration. The bad bruckenauer finally rediscovered their speed in the attack and ensured for clear. "We want to consolidate our third place", was the clear message from the FC coach. Against the "sumpfler succeeded in any case great, even if playfully is still room for improvement.

Goals for bad bruckenau: simon dietrich (9/2), michael muller (6), georg hoch (4), nick schumm (4), tom schumm (4), simon weiner (2), lukas heil (1), max puschner (1).

The children from the 13 steigerwald villages visited various schoolhouses between geusfeld and schindelsee. Even after the fourth grade, they are distributed across a wide range of schools.

But when renate vollmuth and monika weinbeer invite people every five years, they come from all over franconia. Of course, the year in which they all celebrated their 50th birthday was also the year in which they all celebrated their 50th birthday. Celebrated their birthdays, a class reunion at. Where, that’s hardly a question, because kurt muller, landlord of the wengel inn in geusfeld, is also a member of the class, and he was naturally delighted to be able to entertain his former classmates.

Nearly 50 members of the class gathered in geusfeld. They commemorated the deceased fellow students.
A good part of the class no longer lives in rauhenebrach "but we have all remained down-to-earth people and almost all still live in franconia between aschaffenburg and mellrichstadt" he paid monika weinbeer. The connection with the "old homeland became clear in many speeches, because of course the steigerwald was the topic after the bund naturschutz brought up the topic of national parks again. Sw

While turning left from borstig onto berliner ring, a cyclist disregarded the right of way on wednesday at 7.15 o'clock a VW driver the right of way of a seat driver, which is why both vehicles crashed into each other. The total damage is estimated by the police to be around 35,000 euros. No one was injured.

A lot of things come together on wednesday afternoon, a 46-year-old woman was subjected to a traffic check in her car at laubanger. The officers noticed a distinct odor of cannabis in the vehicle. In addition, the lady wanted to hide a smoked joint under the driver's seat, but this did not go unnoticed by the alert eyes of the police. In the handbag of the woman, a small amount of hashish, a joint and some amphetamine came to light. Furthermore, she had attached false license plates to the car, which had been deregistered since mid-march of this year, and was also not in possession of a valid driving license. The prosecution ordered the recovery of the vehicle; in addition, the woman had to undergo a blood withdrawal in the hospital. Cyclist and fubganger get in each other's way on tuesday at about 12.30 o'clock a still unknown person ran in the podeldorfer strabe on high house number 221 abruptly from the sidewalk onto the bicycle path. There were two cyclists on the way to the city, one of which had to brake and fell. The second cyclist swerved to avoid the fallen cyclist and damaged the passenger side of a parked VW passat with his steering wheel. The damage to property is estimated by the police at about 1500 euros. The thieves and the cyclist who fell then left the scene of the accident. Thieves are targeting e-bikes on wednesday, two more e-bike thefts were reported to the police. Between monday evening and tuesday morning, a black and red corratec e-bike with a value of 2900 euros was stolen from an underground garage in birkengraben. Between 7. And 15. On october, the thieves stole a blue cube e-bike worth 2200 euros from a bicycle storage room in a multi-family house in the grafensteinstrabe. Caught shoplifter manages to escape on wednesday at around 16.45 a.M. Police were informed of a shoplifting incident. As it turned out, a man of about 25 years of age had behaved conspicuously in a shop at the grunen markt. When the man realized that he was being watched, he ran to the exit, where the theft alarm went off. The culprit then wanted to get on his bike and swear, which was prevented by the courageous witness. However, the unknown still managed to escape to fub, losing two pairs of stolen pants. An immediately initiated manhunt by the police was unsuccessful. Alcohol and drugs do not remain hidden during the control of a car with dutch registration on wednesday morning in the area of wunderburg, the 36-year-old driver was found, in addition to slight alcohol influence, also drug-typical failure symptoms.