In well-deserved retirement

After 47 years in public service, including almost 30 years at the bad kissingen district court, brigitte zecha has now been given a well-deserved retirement by reinhard oberndorfer, the director of the district court in bad kissingen.

In 1971, mrs. Zecha began her career as an administrative employee at the city administration in mellrichstadt and four years later at the mellrichstadt administrative community. In 1989, the 34-year-old moved to the district court in bad kissingen, because she had married and moved to munnerstadt in the meantime.

"The poor rail connection from munnerstadt to mellrichstadt was the decisive factor at the time.", according to mrs. Zecha, who still lives in munnerstadt with her husband. Dunning department and family court were the first stations in bad kissingen. But already at the end of the year there were bottlenecks at the district court and so she moved, at that time still separately accommodated, to the guardianship and probate court in hartmannstrabe.

An unusually violent typhoon brought torrential rain to tokyo and surrounding regions, killing at least two people.

Dozens were injured in the storm’s booms on saturday, and several people were considered missing in the evening (local time), japanese television reported.

Because of the danger posed by the precipitation, which threatened to become the worst in about 60 years, authorities had issued the highest warning level for the first time for tokyo and six other regions. In the evening (local time), however, the intensity of the hurricane was downgraded from "very strong" to "strong.

her highness carolin and rudi rub from sand am main

For the tenth year in a row, the reigning french wine queen visited the abt degen wine valley. On tuesday, carolin meyer took a whole day to get to know the winegrowing region. Artur steinmann, president of the french winegrowers’ association, was also present, and emphasized the unique selling point: "the visit is a fixed part of the annual calendar. In no other area the wine queen spends so much time at the sticks as in the abt-degen wine valley."

Zeil’s mayor, thomas stadelmann, who has been chairman of the abt degen wine valley for seven years, was pleased that this winegrowers’ association has now entered people’s minds and compared it to a small child who could just crawl at the beginning but has now learned to walk.

Traditional work in the vineyard

During the eight-hour round trip, wine queen carolin meyer, who was traveling with abt-degen wine valley princess anna-lena werb and sander wine princess anna-lena gottschalk, among others, had a lot to marvel at. For example, at the peter gotz winery in zell am ebersberg. The sideline winemaker, who cultivates just two hectares, attaches great importance to the authentic and original.

Bayer has to accept a loss of billions

A weak business with seeds and sprays has resulted in a billion euro loss for the pharmaceutical and agrochemical group bayer.

Due in part to write-downs in the agricultural business, the dax-listed group reported a net loss of around 2.7 billion euros for the third quarter.

A year ago, bayer had achieved a surplus of one billion euros. Group sales – i.E. Including the other pharmaceutical and over-the-counter medicines businesses – fell by 13.5 percent to eur 8.5 billion in the summer quarter.

Brk attracts nursing staff to hochstadt with residential home

The green sliding shutters shine from afar on the white facade of the new BRK home in etzelskirchen. The modern architecture of the building, designed by herzogenaurach architect stefan quandt with ten residential units, blends harmoniously into the surrounding landscape. On the outskirts of hochstadt, however, this time it was not a normal multi-family house that was built, but a forward-looking project. A separate dormitory for prospective nurses of the senior citizens’ home in ezzilostrabe.

"It took less than a year from the groundbreaking ceremony to today’s inauguration", proudly reports hans-peter lechner of the VR-bank erlangen-hochstadt-herzogenaurach. The chairman of the BRK district association erlangen-hochstadt and CSU member of parliament stefan muller emphasized in his welcoming speech that this is a showpiece of a special kind. It is not enough to build new nursing homes if there are not enough nurses available. "Due to the increasingly aging population, we must invest in the future today. We need affordable housing so that we can offer young people in particular, who often come from poorer areas of europe and africa, a long-term perspective to stay if they choose to become nurses."

Following the moving words of the protestant pastor hans-friedrich schafer, the new residential home was blessed by pastor kilian kammer on the roof terrace of the building, against the autumnal backdrop of the nearby forest.

Schlager at the lauscha train station

A 43-year-old man was the victim of an assault on thursday evening and suffered severe injuries. Police in sonneberg are investigating four suspects for dangerous bodily harm in this case. The situation had escalated at the train station in lauscha. Previously, the late victim and the four suspects, aged 22, 24, 27 and 29, were traveling together on a train from sonneberg to neuhaus am rennweg. Already during the train ride there were verbal attacks from the group against the 43 year old man. During a long stop in lauscha, he asked the driver of the locomotive to notify the police. The group noticed this and as a result, the 43-year-old was beaten several times by one of the men with a currently unknown object. Afterwards the group left the train station, but could be arrested by the police a short time later. A 24-year-old man already had a warrant for his arrest and was taken to a correctional facility. After the police had taken the remaining suspects into custody, they were able to leave the station.

Kitzingen and schwarzach: three drunks lay on the road - urinating in an ambulance

Several people contacted the police in kitzingen on tuesday and reported that a drunk was lying on the road in the area of the hindenburgring. The police discovered at said place a 32-year-old, who was taken into custody after a medical first aid with a value of over 4 per mille.

On tuesday evening, around 21.00 o’clock, then a patrol crew in the urban area of kitzingen met a 17-year-old, who was also lying on the ground heavily intoxicated. The young man had already vomited and was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

The "crowning" there was for the officers of the PI kitzingen then on wednesday morning around 03.00 o’clock in the industriestrabe in schwarzach am main. Here, too, a 54-year-old man was found heavily intoxicated and asleep on the street. After the man had been woken up, he behaved intrusively, was slightly aggressive and, to make matters worse, peed in the ambulance. The 54-year-old received a report, was taken into custody and brought to a detention room of the PI kitzingen.

district of bad kissingen: michl muller sees it with humor

The lower franconian humorist michl muller is known for his appearances in the region or on the television shows "fastnacht in franken" or "three. Two. One. Michl muller" announced by bayerischer rundfunk. He wears a t-shirt with "dreggsagg" on it at all his performances on it.

Mr. Muller, how are you?

Michl muller: i am healthy, have no corona and have not lost my sense of humor.

Aerobatics at the helicopter meeting in hammelburg

The model airplanes of the hammelburg aviation group were dominated by the rotary engine airplanes. About 30 friendly pilots came together for the 3. Heli meeting with their aircraft on the model airfield hammelburg one. Even from erfurt and karlsruhe one has traveled, in order to exchange over the common hobby and to let the machines rise into the lower franconian sky.

Already with the models still standing on the ground it quickly becomes clear that these are not toys. "These are mainly high-tech aircraft", confirms peter holtackers of the hammelburg flying group. "Electric motors, for example, are becoming more and more widespread, with outputs of up to 12 kilowatts, with currents of up to 200 amperes", he tells.

A big advantage of the E-motor is of course the low noise emission. The formerly dominating combustion engines are hardly to be found at the heli meeting anymore. The turbine-powered models exude a fascination of their own. These engines have the same functional principle as the engines of a jumbo jet and can even be operated with the same fuel.

Meaningful words were spoken in the igensdorf town council: "the market town council resolves to create a new infrastructure in the form of a new building that is appropriate for the future staffing level and the machinery and vehicle fleet of the municipal building yard."

With this basic resolution, the igensdorf town council has, after a long time, once again found its way back to constructive and cross-factional cooperation. With this, the times of quarreling for its own sake may also belong to the past. In the past few months, quite a few people in igensdorf had gained the impression that the councils were less concerned with the issue at hand – the future of the fire station and the building yard – than with their own image.

And also the youngest session of the municipal council had started in the well known way. Second mayor manfred finkes (SPD) and his colleagues renate wolfel and hans-jurgen rohrer once again explained their proposal for a basic decision.