Choral music at the herzogenaurach old town festival

Many visitors to herzogenaurach's old town festival gladly accepted the offer to listen to a concert by the youth choir in the town's parish church, away from the hustle and bustle and sheltered from the rain.

The performers had only recently returned from a trip to france to the partner city of sainte-luce-sur-loire and chatellerault. There they had enthused the french with their fresh way of making music. In memory of this beautiful journey they were also dressed in the colors blue-white-red.

The concert in the parish church was performed by 21 girls from the youth choir, accompanied on electric piano by the director toni rotter. Miriam novotny and carolina widuch also enthralled the audience on the transverse flutes with a piece by joseph haydn.

"I hope I understand him too?", says the person sitting next to him doubtfully before the program begins. "I've lived here for a few years, but i'm from detmold, and i'm not yet so familiar with the french!" Judging from her laughing fits during the evening, she understood michl muller quite well – and correctly. And the rest of the ca. 170-strong audience in the "intimate theater musician's home of the trachtenkapelle theinfeld anyway.

For the tenth time the meanwhile nationwide known cabaret artist, chatterer, comedy star and "frangge" performed ("people without dialeggd sinn orme mensche!") in "deefld in front of his fans, he babbled, parodied, sang, was constantly on the waltz, danced restlessly and gave his all. From politics ("es anschii macht's!") he talked about all areas and topics of daily life and its pitfalls, about the inadequacies and foibles of his fellow citizens, the socio-political escapades of his fellow members; and michl muller was not afraid to put his finger in open wounds.

The french mentality with statements like z. B. "It wasn't summer after all? It had amol reechn muss!" He plows with pleasure, he touches the french crime scene with the corpse caught under a nordic walking group, finds typical french names like "schmitt's kimberley" and lets out about expensive coffee vending machines for two-person-households with tasting stands, globuli and eigenurin therapies as well as fitness studios as mirror images of society. Michl muller's show is so colorful and so full of hits that the laughter-stressed audience hardly has time to catch its breath.

The community’s own concept for the establishment of a call bus has been retained. In the past six months, between 25 and 50 trips were booked each month, mainly to doctors, hospitals or shopping centers. The bus rides cost the passenger 1.50 euro each. In the past six months, the burgebrach market has incurred expenses of 5,000 euros for this contract. The market town council has now decided to extend the concept for another three years. First mayor johannes maciejonczyk (CSU) estimated the annual expenditure at 10000 euro, less the demand of the county of bamberg in the amount of 2500 euro, 7500 euro remain for the municipality. "We should be able to afford this, as it gives the citizens of all parts of the community the opportunity to be transported within the burgebrach community at low cost, according to the mayor.

Subsidy to the clubs

As a sign of appreciation for the voluntary commitment of many burghers in their leisure time, the market town of burgebrach is again this year granting a considerable subsidy to the clubs in the amount of over 50,000 euros in accordance with its guidelines. "The associations in the community are regarded as important cultural supporters of the community", according to maciejonczyk. "The work done deserves great recognition."
The sports clubs receive, among other things, five euros for each adult member and eleven euros for each youth member. The fire departments are granted 1.10 euros per inhabitant of the area, this year a total of 7737.40 euros. The music clubs are subsidized by the market burgebrach in addition to a basic amount of 600 euros with another eleven euros for the active youths. This year for the first time an adjustment to the guidelines of the sport associations takes place.
Do the music clubs have musical leaders and/or. Instructors with proven training, can be granted 200 euros per year each, which are however credited to the basic amount. All other cultural associations receive lump sums. After the model building club bamberg e. V. His seat in burgebrach, also receives 100 euros. The DLRG OV burgebrach e. V. Receive a grant of 1000 euros more, because the current increased cost of housing the vehicle can not be borne by the association alone.
For the year 2018, funds in the amount of 2.26 million euros from the city’s construction budget will again be requested: planning orders and acceptance for the "metznerhaus", for the barrier-free design of the local center, for local core reorganization burggraben and partial area main street, the opening of the parish garden and the land acquisition and planning for the narrowing house as well as the implementation of the mobilization concept in the local center are planned. Also private mabnahmen like the renovation of the parish house and the old muhle, the new building of the metznerhaus and a roof renovation were considered in the registration.
Finally, the mayor informed that the fourth market day will take place on the last sunday in november.

Fetzige sound language and explosive gestures

It was an extremely ambitious and demanding program with which the conductor ljubka biagioni zu guttenberg and her orchestra, the sofia symphonics, concluded the open airs at the plassenburg this year. Current, solemn, surprising and contemporary, the musicians, in the best of spirits, presented a wonderfully successful summer journey from the old to the new world on sunday evening under their committed and versatile conductor.

An earworm stood with friedrich smetana’s "moldau right at the beginning. Even people who have nothing whatsoever to do with classical music can hum along when the composer takes the listeners to his bohemian homeland and describes the course of the river from its source through forests and corridors along proud castles to its confluence with the river elbe. With ljubka biagioni the dramaturgy is right. The main theme is developed again and again in rough arcs, the interpolations come coherently, the conclusion pompos. The sofia symphonics put great emphasis on a warm sound, let the many details of the score shine through and play with absolute inspiration.

The composer on the shepherd’s flute

Comes the "moldau from the second half of the 19th century. The audience was allowed to enjoy the "gypsy dance" at the beginning of the twentieth century and the composition "strange occasion look forward to contemporary works by bulgarian musician and composer teodosij spassov. Spassov is one of the best-known musicians and film composers in bulgaria. What made the kulmbach performance so special was that spassov himself performed as a soloist on the shepherd’s flute called kaval, which gave the jazzy and melodious sounding compositions, one of them with onomatopoeic interludes, a very special meaning. "Bulgarian music can be so interesting", said ljubka biagioni, who sees it as a mission to make this music better known.

top-class folk musicians came to kronach

The visitors experienced a wonderful evening of folk music on friday evening at the PS gala of the sparkasse kulmbach-kronach in the marquee of the voluntary fire department kronach on the schutzenplatz. The more than 500 visitors were offered an earworm of folk and schlager music par excellence.

The artists provided entertainment at its best. Martin-edmund-benedikt-stoiber" was also present especially for this event, alias martin panzer high profile celebrities arrived. He and the savings bank employee georg loffler provided a lot of fun between the musical performances on the stage. Her speeches about politics, celebrities and everyday marriage were coupled with a lot of humor and strained the laughing muscles of the visitors. Both performers were rewarded with frenetic applause.

The two sisters from salzkammergut/austria and winners of the "grand prix der volksmusik 2007" were not only a treat for the ears but also for the eyes, sigrid& marina, who thrilled the audience with down-to-earth folk songs, hits and ballads and constantly changing outfits.

The members of the KAB, who in the past decades have organized the big senior citizens’ day for the citizens over 70 years of age, have made a great contribution to the general success of this event. The guests who organized and carried out the event were able to sit down as guests in the parish hall on the day of the epiphany and enjoy themselves. The "call for help of the KAB chairman oskar hein, who last year had called for energetic support of the senior citizens’ day by new, younger employees, did not go unheeded. Mayor harald hofmann and the community have certainly made a decisive contribution to the generally acclaimed success of the event. Hofmann would like to list the number of helpers needed for the extensive work of preparation, implementation and clean-up after the holiday. He also motivated the many local clubs in nudlingen and haard to volunteer their support for the senior citizens’ day. Nearly 30 clubs each sent two helpers.

Several organizational structures of the KAB were retained, such as the fact that there is an annual change of musical entertainment. This year, the original altenberg musicians and the mixed choir of the "eintracht" were present from haard in the row. The inspiring and contemplative words of the catholic and evangelical clergy, as well as from the political sphere, were also kept. As a belated christmas present the guests received free food and drink.

To the musical mood set by the altenberg musicians (conducted by janusch duda) and the mixed choir of the haard "eintracht" (harmony) under the direction of eva duda, the speech of mayor harald hofmann followed, welcoming everyone to hieb. Guides to aging are widely available on the book market today. Even optimistic views were among them, such as "no, I don’t want a senior citizen’s plate" or "grow old without being old." But the mayor added: "when you’re old, you’re old". No false optimism will help". The transition did not come all at once, but little by little. In a way, everyone likes to stay young, especially in good looks. The youth literature and the music also deal with the old age. It is easy to be depressed. As a good preface, the mayor quoted the advice: "remember the past, dream of the future, but live today"!" The local chief concluded his speech with words of thanks to the local associations for their voluntary work.

Upper Franconia: 21-year-old injures neighbor and two police officers

A 21-year-old man from hofer was completely out of control on tuesday, injuring three people, some of them seriously. Among them also two police officers. According to the police, there were several incidents in the course of a quiet police operation.

According to the report, a 32-year-old resident of ottostrabe in hof called out at around 18.30 o'clock called the rescue service and asked for help. His neighbor had attacked him and injured him in the head. Also the police was sent to the operation.

Violent crime in upper franconia: 19-year-old girl killed puzzles investigators on the scene, the rescue paramedics and the police met a man covered in blood, who was waiting for the rescue forces in front of the hausture. The facts were quickly clarified: the injured man had gone to his neighbor's house shortly before 6 p.M. Because the neighbor had turned up the music very loud. However, his attempt to ask the person causing the larm to turn down the music failed. Instead, he was hit over the head with a bottle at the door. A severely bleeding head laceration, which later had to be sutured at the hofer hospital, was the result of the attack.