district of bad kissingen: michl muller sees it with humor

The lower franconian humorist michl muller is known for his appearances in the region or on the television shows "fastnacht in franken" or "three. Two. One. Michl muller" announced by bayerischer rundfunk. He wears a t-shirt with "dreggsagg" on it at all his performances on it.

Mr. Muller, how are you?

Michl muller: i am healthy, have no corona and have not lost my sense of humor.

Choral music at the herzogenaurach old town festival

Many visitors to herzogenaurach's old town festival gladly accepted the offer to listen to a concert by the youth choir in the town's parish church, away from the hustle and bustle and sheltered from the rain.

The performers had only recently returned from a trip to france to the partner city of sainte-luce-sur-loire and chatellerault. There they had enthused the french with their fresh way of making music. In memory of this beautiful journey they were also dressed in the colors blue-white-red.

The concert in the parish church was performed by 21 girls from the youth choir, accompanied on electric piano by the director toni rotter. Miriam novotny and carolina widuch also enthralled the audience on the transverse flutes with a piece by joseph haydn.

Aerobatics at the helicopter meeting in hammelburg

The model airplanes of the hammelburg aviation group were dominated by the rotary engine airplanes. About 30 friendly pilots came together for the 3. Heli meeting with their aircraft on the model airfield hammelburg one. Even from erfurt and karlsruhe one has traveled, in order to exchange over the common hobby and to let the machines rise into the lower franconian sky.

Already with the models still standing on the ground it quickly becomes clear that these are not toys. "These are mainly high-tech aircraft", confirms peter holtackers of the hammelburg flying group. "Electric motors, for example, are becoming more and more widespread, with outputs of up to 12 kilowatts, with currents of up to 200 amperes", he tells.

A big advantage of the E-motor is of course the low noise emission. The formerly dominating combustion engines are hardly to be found at the heli meeting anymore. The turbine-powered models exude a fascination of their own. These engines have the same functional principle as the engines of a jumbo jet and can even be operated with the same fuel.

"I hope I understand him too?", says the person sitting next to him doubtfully before the program begins. "I've lived here for a few years, but i'm from detmold, and i'm not yet so familiar with the french!" Judging from her laughing fits during the evening, she understood michl muller quite well – and correctly. And the rest of the ca. 170-strong audience in the "intimate theater musician's home of the trachtenkapelle theinfeld anyway.

For the tenth time the meanwhile nationwide known cabaret artist, chatterer, comedy star and "frangge" performed ("people without dialeggd sinn orme mensche!") in "deefld in front of his fans, he babbled, parodied, sang, was constantly on the waltz, danced restlessly and gave his all. From politics ("es anschii macht's!") he talked about all areas and topics of daily life and its pitfalls, about the inadequacies and foibles of his fellow citizens, the socio-political escapades of his fellow members; and michl muller was not afraid to put his finger in open wounds.

The french mentality with statements like z. B. "It wasn't summer after all? It had amol reechn muss!" He plows with pleasure, he touches the french crime scene with the corpse caught under a nordic walking group, finds typical french names like "schmitt's kimberley" and lets out about expensive coffee vending machines for two-person-households with tasting stands, globuli and eigenurin therapies as well as fitness studios as mirror images of society. Michl muller's show is so colorful and so full of hits that the laughter-stressed audience hardly has time to catch its breath.

Old school as community center?

The iffigheim church, the gaden and the town hall: they form an idyllic ensemble. Preserving the town hall and putting it to good use was the dream of the people of iffigheim and the community of seinsheim. It will remain a dream for the time being, since the community probably cannot shoulder it financially.

Therefore, the clear majority (20:7 votes) in the castle meeting spoke out in favor of the conversion of the old school into a community center. Because for celebrations from 25 persons there is no room at the moment.

Favorite for the conversion would have been, also with mayor heinz dorsch, the town hall. For the old schoolhouse, it might have been possible to find a buyer. So the community now has both buildings. For the town hall had spoken that the burgersaal covers 72 square meters, while a corresponding room in the school building is 65 square meters in size.

Brazil protests and the president likes it. Over 200,000 people took to the streets nationwide. They called for an end to corruption and mismanagement, criticized the excessive cost of the world cup and demanded more money for education and health. There were also riots, but most of the protests remained peaceful, partly because the police showed restraint this time. Head of state dilma rousseff had already made it clear during the night: peaceful demonstrations are part of democracy.

The pictures from the night were symbolic. In the capital, brasilia, hundreds of demonstrators danced and celebrated on the roof of the national congress in brasilia, which is world-famous for its architecture. "Uh, ah – the congress is ours", shouted the young people. They waved national flags, sang songs and raised their fists in the air.

Head of state rousseff, who was in resistance during brazil’s dictatorship period (1964-1985), defended the right to peaceful protest. "Brazil woke up stronger today. The crudeness of the demonstrations of yesterday (monday) have proven the energy of our democracy", she said the day after. It was good to see so many young people and adults defending a better brazil, holding brazil’s flag and singing the national anthem. Your government heard this voice calling for change.

Meaningful words were spoken in the igensdorf town council: "the market town council resolves to create a new infrastructure in the form of a new building that is appropriate for the future staffing level and the machinery and vehicle fleet of the municipal building yard."

With this basic resolution, the igensdorf town council has, after a long time, once again found its way back to constructive and cross-factional cooperation. With this, the times of quarreling for its own sake may also belong to the past. In the past few months, quite a few people in igensdorf had gained the impression that the councils were less concerned with the issue at hand – the future of the fire station and the building yard – than with their own image.

And also the youngest session of the municipal council had started in the well known way. Second mayor manfred finkes (SPD) and his colleagues renate wolfel and hans-jurgen rohrer once again explained their proposal for a basic decision.

Just like two days before, the habfurt hawks were left empty-handed at the end of the game. And as already with the scarce home defeat against the EV moosburg the national league player lost only hauchdunn. In the narrow 5:6 defeat at ESV buchloe, the ESC not only missed out on three more points in the fight for promotion, but also lost another player for two to three weeks: georg lang suffered a severe bruise in his shoulder in the final minute of the game.
ESV buchloe – ESC habfurt 6:5
lang, who had scored two goals for the hawks, crashed into the boards after a hard but legal check by buchloer. The attacker, who could no longer move his arm, was taken to the hospital in kaufbeuren. The initial fear of a fracture of the scaphoid bone was not confirmed during the examination.
Without jakub sramek and jan trubenekr (both ill), who had already been stricken on friday, philipp bates and ilja kinereisch, who were missing for work reasons, as well as fabian vollert (private) and pascal marx (still injured), the team from lower franconia had a tough time against the home team, which had a total of 20 players, even before kickoff. Because, according to hawks coach martin reichert, they also exerted "brutal pressure" they were rightly leading 3:1 after 20 minutes. Georg lang only scored to equalize the score at 1:1 (15 minutes).).
The pirates dominated the game in the following period as well under the leadership of their new coach norbert zabel the happening in the sparkassen-arena. After the home side had scored three more goals against the ESC goalkeeper michael tscherepanow, who held his own very well this time, only david was successful on the habfurt side (2:4, 32 minutes).), the hope for the second success in the dovetailing round shrank in view of a four-goal backlog.

ESC tries everything

At least michal babkovic, who had a boxing match with opponent simon beslic at the end of the first period and had to serve a total of six minutes penalty, scored five seconds before the second intermission siren to make it 3:6.
"After that we tried everything again", martin reichert praised the committed and aggressive performance of the habfurt team against the increasingly passive home team. David franek shortened the gap to 4:6 after a solo run (44).), georg lang scored eight minutes later the deserved 5:6 (52.).
The equalizer would have been possible, but michal babkovic – after goalkeeper tscherpanow had long since made room for another field player – failed to hit the crossbar ten seconds before the final siren (60.). "Unbelievable", trainer reichert was annoyed about the second zero yield of the weekend. "In the end, it was almost worse than on friday", said the sylbacher. The defeat was "very painful, because "unnecessary. "The loss of these points hurts us."

Opposing fan donates

That the reaction to the "hawks" solidarity the fact that petr krepelka can have a different look than the unflattering statement of moosburg’s coach bernhard engelbrecht (we reported yesterday) became clear on the sidelines of the game: a fan from buchloe spontaneously donated 50 euros to the ESC team’s coffers after the team from the district of moosburg had once again dressed up in their black krepelka jerseys. His opinion: "it is great what you are doing there."
On the coming weekend stand for the habfurter the games with the EHC konigsbrunn (friday, 20 o’clock) and the home derby against the EC bad kissingen (sunday, 18 o’clock).30 o’clock) on the schedule.

In 1978 the main school scheblitz was founded. The scheblitz middle school, as it has been called since 2010, wanted to commemorate this event at its school festival on saturday, 9. June, from 10 to 15 remember. The motto is "40 years of middle school scheblitz – a fair of possibilities".
In addition to demonstrations, exhibitions are also planned. The parents’ council takes care of food and drinks.
The school family of the middle school scheblitz was looking forward to a reunion with schoolmates and all who are connected to the school.

Pioneer in computers

Over the past 40 years, the scheblitz high school has established itself as an educational factor in the eastern part of the county. In the seventies and eighties, the school center with its sports facilities was unique in the district of bamberg. Soon scheblitz was a pioneer in computer equipment and technology. As the first school in the district, a tenth class could be offered, first as F10, later as M-train.
The school also recognized the signs of the times early on: since 1988 there have been visits to england, and in recent years a deep friendly relationship has developed between the partner schools in london and italy. In addition to the classical school subjects, musical education has always had its place: for 15 years, brass classes and school orchestras have accompanied events far beyond the confines of the school. Prizes for art and theater groups have been awarded regularly until today. Students at the university of bamberg have been calling for the scheblitz schools, a model project within the framework of the "modus21" initiative, for just as long.

Awards and prizes

Rebranded as a middle school in 2010, there were nearly all major school awards. Finally, the middle school has also developed as a form of school, the open all-day care and youth social work was introduced. The scheblitz middle school is well prepared for the challenges of the future and wanted to give an impression of this at its anniversary school festival.

microsoft and snapchat also cancel developer conferences

Next tech companies to cancel their spring developer conferences due to coronavirus risks include microsoft and snap.

The for the 19. Until 21. May planned microsoft build in seattle should now take place as a "digital event", the software company announced on friday. Seattle is one of the areas in the u.S. That is currently particularly affected by the spread of the new coronavirus.

Snap plans to reschedule its partner summit for early april in los angeles. The company behind the popular photo app snapchat held on to the date for a long time because the event had a rather smaller scale.