Retterner have the racers fed up

Retterner have the racers fed up

The safety of pedestrians and cyclists in and around rettern interested the burghers who had gathered at the burgers’ meeting at the hubert inn. Even in places where the speed is limited, they speed, complained a burger.

The suggestion of the eggolsheimer mayor claus schwarzmann (BB), to limit the speed in the local passage and then also to flash, they agreed: "I’d rather pay a lecture fee than that my daughter is run over", argued one of them.

County is responsible

The district of forchheim is responsible for reducing the speed limit to 30 kilometers per hour as well as for a possible crossing aid at the entrances to the towns. Schwarzmann pointed out that the municipality itself could not take action here, and recommended civic engagement to the rescuers: "seek out the responsible people in the district, personal visits by burghers can be very efficient." If the district comes to a traffic inspection, the citizens can also participate and clearly present their views.

Another intensive point of discussion at the meeting of the burghers of rettern concerned the cycle paths around rettern. The citizens wanted to know when the bicycle path to weilersbach would finally be built. This is also a matter for the district, explained mayor claus schwarzmann. If the road is rebuilt, it makes sense to lay the cycle path at the same time. If it was possible to do it from the side of the town of retten without any problems, the necessary land was missing on the side of the town of weilersbach.

Next year the angerstrabe in rettern will be renewed, promised mayor schwarzmann. Since a part of this road – as was so common in the past – runs on private land, the municipality wants to buy these areas from the owners. "It’s going to be a huge construction site, announced the mayor. Since it is relatively narrow, it cannot be closed on one side only.

Schwarzmann answered the question about the fees for road expansion with regret: of course they have been abolished. "You can now do something else with the money you saved", he assured the rescuers. But it was not fair, because the others had to pay for it beforehand. Schwarzmann was also critical of this decision with regard to the community’s finances; after all, not the entire sum was reimbursed.

A citizen wanted to know how an emergency call could be made in the event of a complete power failure and initiated a discussion about an emergency power system at the fire station.

"We still need ten wind turbines above "deep storm", schwarzmann is certain that "without wind turbines, we won’t be able to achieve the energy turnaround."

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