Old school as community center?

Old school as community center?

The iffigheim church, the gaden and the town hall: they form an idyllic ensemble. Preserving the town hall and putting it to good use was the dream of the people of iffigheim and the community of seinsheim. It will remain a dream for the time being, since the community probably cannot shoulder it financially.

Therefore, the clear majority (20:7 votes) in the castle meeting spoke out in favor of the conversion of the old school into a community center. Because for celebrations from 25 persons there is no room at the moment.

Favorite for the conversion would have been, also with mayor heinz dorsch, the town hall. For the old schoolhouse, it might have been possible to find a buyer. So the community now has both buildings. For the town hall had spoken that the burgersaal covers 72 square meters, while a corresponding room in the school building is 65 square meters in size.

In the town hall an old wall had to be broken through for this purpose. But this very wall is part of the old wall, which can still be seen in the area of the aube. In addition, the gable on this wall in the interior is still preserved, what the monument protection had determined. In addition, the floor and the old doors were added and the building was on the list of monuments.

With each subsequent visit to the interior of the building, he became more and more aware that remodeling work could be very expensive, said mayor dorsch. Perhaps compromises could be found with the monument office, he conceded, but first a restorer would have to draw up his report, which would certainly not be cheap, and a structural engineer would also have his say.

After that, it was possible that the municipality could not build in a way that made sense for a municipal building. In other words, the wall could not be removed. But then a lot of money was spent on it, not to mention the time delay. Because then the 48,000 euros from the village renewal as a grant could also be gone.

Although some of the citizens would have liked to have had a look at the wall, in the end they realized that the project would probably cost between 400,000 and 500,000 euros, maybe more. "We have to keep an eye on the costs," dorsch kept reminding, because the municipality had just reduced a large mountain of debt. Ideally, the project would have been included in the economic stimulus package, but dorsch regrets that this was not possible. Because there are not many grants left now.

Proposal: village cafe in the town hall

Therefore, there was also a proposal from the assembly to donate the town hall to the monument office. More serious was the proposal to try to use leader+ funds and make a kind of village cafe out of the town hall. But even norbert dazian, who had always favored the town hall, backed away from it, knowing about the subsoil and the strong concrete foundations that the church had received.

According to initial estimates, the renovation of the old schoolhouse will cost 260,000 euros. Next to the hall on the first floor there was a terrace with handicapped access to the hall, toilets, a kitchen and a storage room. The upper floor would remain untouched for the time being.

However, suggestions were made to rent it out again (long rent-free period during renovation) or to use it as a storage room for the fire department, which had also signaled a subsidy for the community center. The school building was heated with a gas boiler, the interior was plastered with dampproof, and the ceilings were suspended and insulated.

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