In well-deserved retirement

In well-deserved retirement

After 47 years in public service, including almost 30 years at the bad kissingen district court, brigitte zecha has now been given a well-deserved retirement by reinhard oberndorfer, the director of the district court in bad kissingen.

In 1971, mrs. Zecha began her career as an administrative employee at the city administration in mellrichstadt and four years later at the mellrichstadt administrative community. In 1989, the 34-year-old moved to the district court in bad kissingen, because she had married and moved to munnerstadt in the meantime.

"The poor rail connection from munnerstadt to mellrichstadt was the decisive factor at the time.", according to mrs. Zecha, who still lives in munnerstadt with her husband. Dunning department and family court were the first stations in bad kissingen. But already at the end of the year there were bottlenecks at the district court and so she moved, at that time still separately accommodated, to the guardianship and probate court in hartmannstrabe.

In 1997, these two parts of the office were separated, and she took over as head of the probate department. It took thirteen and a half years for her employment contract at the district court, which had been limited from the start, to become permanent, she noted in retrospect when she received her dismissal certificate. In the meantime, something like this, after even a petition was submitted to the bavarian state parliament, has become much more accessible, according to a bureau employee.

"Probate cases are usually a sad affair, but nevertheless a lively affair with (at that time) a lot of public traffic", dear brigitte zecha know. She said she was saddened by the demographic change, because more and more heirs were becoming "patchwork families make use of her right of inheritance. Nowadays, it is often only said that this is "the producer, but not the father". "God put me in the right place", according to the long-serving judicial employee, who served three district court directors and 18 judicial officers in her professional life.

"With her we lose the pearl of the probate court", according to a former employee. With the church, or rather the church service, mrs. Zecha, who was not spared personal strokes of fate, found a new task. "There, in the church service, i have already signed up as a permanent volunteer." Of course, she has also been there for about 30 years, as a performer in the local play "die schutzfrau von munnerstadt", where she participated in several performances.

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