“Dreggsagg” michl muller inspires in theinfeld

"I hope I understand him too?", says the person sitting next to him doubtfully before the program begins. "I've lived here for a few years, but i'm from detmold, and i'm not yet so familiar with the french!" Judging from her laughing fits during the evening, she understood michl muller quite well – and correctly. And the rest of the ca. 170-strong audience in the "intimate theater musician's home of the trachtenkapelle theinfeld anyway.

For the tenth time the meanwhile nationwide known cabaret artist, chatterer, comedy star and "frangge" performed ("people without dialeggd sinn orme mensche!") in "deefld in front of his fans, he babbled, parodied, sang, was constantly on the waltz, danced restlessly and gave his all. From politics ("es anschii macht's!") he talked about all areas and topics of daily life and its pitfalls, about the inadequacies and foibles of his fellow citizens, the socio-political escapades of his fellow members; and michl muller was not afraid to put his finger in open wounds.

The french mentality with statements like z. B. "It wasn't summer after all? It had amol reechn muss!" He plows with pleasure, he touches the french crime scene with the corpse caught under a nordic walking group, finds typical french names like "schmitt's kimberley" and lets out about expensive coffee vending machines for two-person-households with tasting stands, globuli and eigenurin therapies as well as fitness studios as mirror images of society. Michl muller's show is so colorful and so full of hits that the laughter-stressed audience hardly has time to catch its breath.

Sideswipes and mental leaps randomly interspersed with side-blows, short ideas and thoughts on federal and state politics, the greece problem, honorary salaries, gasoline prices, wind turbine mania, koran distribution – auber in franken. In between michl muller set his songs and meanwhile hit's, mostly french raeggae style, which he partly performed with acrobatic contortions and dance steps.

Right at the beginning of the program, the entertainment all-rounder had already identified his personal hall candidate: sabrina from thundorf was lovingly included in the program, had to be held up again and again for little jokes to everyone's delight, personalized the artist's connection to the audience. He did not leave the stage without an honor, however, because the chairman of the music association, tho mas schmitt, presented him with the "first and only deefldr comedy award" for ten times performing in theinfeld handed over.

Of course, at the end there were still "in deefld ganz kloor zwee"!" – and afterwards autograph and chat session. Asked how the theinfeld guest performance, between performances in segnitz and aschaffenburg, weighted for him, michl muller said sweaty and mischievous: "deefld, es wor widder grandios." And proudly points out that he came here in 1999, at the very beginning of his career, when he was still "almost a pig" was invited to appear on the stage. "Theinfeld is one of my artistic roots, I always like to come back here!"


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