District of bad kissingen: michl muller sees it with humor

district of bad kissingen: michl muller sees it with humor

The lower franconian humorist michl muller is known for his appearances in the region or on the television shows "fastnacht in franken" or "three. Two. One. Michl muller" announced by bayerischer rundfunk. He wears a t-shirt with "dreggsagg" on it at all his performances on it.

Mr. Muller, how are you?

Michl muller: i am healthy, have no corona and have not lost my sense of humor.

Honestly? For artists, the situation is a disaster. No income, that can be depressing.

In the meantime I have mentally adjusted myself to the fact that it will go on for me in autumn, more precisely, in september.

How do you spend the days until then?

As always, if I’m honest, not that much has changed with me so far, apart from the fact that I no longer have live performances. I continue to read the newspaper every day to get ideas for my programs. Many other projects continue to run alongside it. It is amazing.

I am surprised. What about the income?

The income is gone for now.

That does not bother you?

I hope they will come back in the fall, but I don’t have such a dissolute lifestyle, I’ll bridge the few months.

Last thursday, bavaria’s state premier markus soder announced that the government had decided to use the "cultural rescue umbrella" tops up. Helps the?

I think it helps, especially for artists who are in the KSK and artists who earn little. With free theaters and small art stages it was allowed to become difficult, by distance regulations and hygiene regulations a cost-covering enterprise is not possible.

What friends and colleagues tell you?

I get it myself. With each of my performances, I also have production costs, through technicians, stage set-up helpers, and, and, and, which must somehow be recouped again. And perhaps it should be mentioned that it is precisely those people who work backstage, mostly freelancers, who are hit particularly hard. There are families hanging on it and to what extent they are secured by the rescue umbrella?

How is that with you??

If you ask me like this: no, I have not yet applied for financial support.

Do you understand the government’s requirements or do you think that the relaxations should come earlier??

I think the relaxations depend on the sector, whether opera, cabaret, festival or comedy. In opera, in my opinion, loosening up is perhaps more acceptable, because distances can be maintained and it’s the sound experience that counts. At a festival or comedy it’s different, it’s about laughing together, enjoying the atmosphere. I really can’t imagine the distances there. But culture is important and people want culture. A lot of things are shifting to the internet, but communication on youtube or facebook can never replace a live performance. Live, there is an immediate reaction from the audience. You interact with the audience and you can tell immediately if the joke is good or not. But people are really grateful to see something from me almost every day on the internet and you have to stay present.

I have this morning in the internet the television show "three".Two.One. Michl muller" seen. There they are performing in front of cuddly animals.

This was in the broadcast from the end of march. The cuddly toys were born out of necessity. We have thought about how to replace the audience. So on the one hand the audience for the TV viewers and on the other hand also for me on stage. Just by the way: cuddly animals are no substitute for a real audience. But we have experimented, in general we are constantly experimenting now. This is a creative phase right now. There are different show formats coming out, partly from the living room or from the bed. In any case there are ideas. And one thing is already for sure: at the next three. Two. One show we will have no more cuddly toys.

Artists need years to be successful, to be able to perform in front of large audiences and make a living from it. Then a virus comes along and ruins everything.

Everything ruined, I do not assume. Things will change. One talks now always about the new normality. We will keep our humor, there is nothing else left for us to do.

How does it go on now?

I’m looking forward to playing the catch-up shows in september, but until then it’s time to take a break. But the break was planned before and I will use it to write my new christmas program.

Do you show the program to someone beforehand, to practice??

No, nobody knows the complete program except me, when I stand on the stage with it for the first time.

Really now?

Yes, it’s been my experience that stage acts never go over as well in private as they do on stage, so I just don’t do it at all.

The interview was conducted by charlotte wittnebel-schmitz.

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