Choral music at the herzogenaurach old town festival

Choral music at the herzogenaurach old town festival

Many visitors to herzogenaurach's old town festival gladly accepted the offer to listen to a concert by the youth choir in the town's parish church, away from the hustle and bustle and sheltered from the rain.

The performers had only recently returned from a trip to france to the partner city of sainte-luce-sur-loire and chatellerault. There they had enthused the french with their fresh way of making music. In memory of this beautiful journey they were also dressed in the colors blue-white-red.

The concert in the parish church was performed by 21 girls from the youth choir, accompanied on electric piano by the director toni rotter. Miriam novotny and carolina widuch also enthralled the audience on the transverse flutes with a piece by joseph haydn.

Effectively staged
Even the entrance was effectively staged by the performers. The pieces "cantemus" and "benedictus" were chosen in accordance with the measurement design. As a reminder of the trip to france, the girls' voices sang "jauchzet gott alle lande", the setting of psalm 150, in french language.

Although the weather would hardly suggest it, the day before the merry month of may had come to an end. What could be more natural than to sing the songs "grub gott, du schoner maien" or and "the may, the merry may" to pay homage to this month, which, however, had turned out rather wet and cool. "There goes a bright flute" and "laulikuli" and "hail holy queen loosened the program.

The singers of the youth choir proved that they are also vocally confident in the modern repertoire with pieces such as "open up my heart", "from a distance or "joyful. The final step was "available. The listeners were able to turn their support for choral music in the city parish of herzogenaurach into sounding coins with a donation to the outgoing choir.

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