Aerobatics at the helicopter meeting in hammelburg

Aerobatics at the helicopter meeting in hammelburg

The model airplanes of the hammelburg aviation group were dominated by the rotary engine airplanes. About 30 friendly pilots came together for the 3. Heli meeting with their aircraft on the model airfield hammelburg one. Even from erfurt and karlsruhe one has traveled, in order to exchange over the common hobby and to let the machines rise into the lower franconian sky.

Already with the models still standing on the ground it quickly becomes clear that these are not toys. "These are mainly high-tech aircraft", confirms peter holtackers of the hammelburg flying group. "Electric motors, for example, are becoming more and more widespread, with outputs of up to 12 kilowatts, with currents of up to 200 amperes", he tells.

A big advantage of the E-motor is of course the low noise emission. The formerly dominating combustion engines are hardly to be found at the heli meeting anymore. The turbine-powered models exude a fascination of their own. These engines have the same functional principle as the engines of a jumbo jet and can even be operated with the same fuel.

The turbine shafts of the model engines, however, rotate at speeds of up to 120.000 revolutions per minute. Holtackers impressively demonstrates what such an engine is capable of with a scale model, a model that has been copied down to the last detail from the famous bo 105 with a rotor diameter of 2.4 meters and a weight of 20 kilograms. In flight, the model is indistinguishable from the rough prototype.

Accompanied by moderator peter gernert, numerous other pilots demonstrate their skills. Almost unbelievable flight maneuvers are possible with the small helicopters. Loops, swoops, pirouettes, precise hovering just above the ground and other feats elicit enthusiastic applause from the expert audience again and again. One can imagine that a lot of training is necessary for these flying maneuvers. "You can teach yourself, a special simulator on the PC is quite helpful", says one of the pilots. But there is also the possibility to have a professional teach you how to fly a model helicopter.

For example, this is possible with the hammelburg air sports group. According to information from the model pilots, a powerful helicopter can be bought for as little as 500 euros.

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