Waldbuttelbrunn’s “sumpfler” sink to the senses

Waldbuttelbrunn's 'sumpfler' sink to the senses

FC bad bruckenau – DJK waldbuttelbrunn II 31:24 (15:12).

The romershag witches’ cauldron hosted the bavarian league reserve team from waldbuttelbrunn, who two years ago had lost out on staying in the league in the very last game of the season against FC bad bruckenau, of all teams. The tense showdown between two teams threatened with relegation was a clear triumph for the sinnstadters with a score of 33:24, who thus crowned their first season in the upper district league. "Now waldbuttelbrunn has been promoted again and is fighting against relegation once more", reported coach oliver hilbert-probeck, who no longer wishes for such nerve-racking final games to stay in the class. The second representation of the "sumpflers is however also in this play time unpredictable, particularly if it personnel reinforcement of the first gets. FC had to do without regular keeper peter feuerstein and relied on manuel balling and thomas bieber at the goalkeeper position. In the second round the routine "dommes" bit themselves bieber came into the match fighting and highly motivated, and became a strong back-up for his front men. That the waldbuttelbrunner in the 45. The fact that the bad bruckenau team was allowed to sneak up on the opponents in the second minute to 21:20 had mainly to do with the fact that the bad bruckenau team missed the opponent’s box surprisingly often and far in the attack. You’ve rarely seen that from them in their younger days. But the guests had drunk even less target water and hammered the ball in rows to the gebalk or past the box. The players from waldbuttelbrunn tried numerous variations to tip the match in their favor. The game with possession of the ball without a goalkeeper in the own box did not always look solid and brought a lot of confusion in the DJK defense. The flow of the game suffered a little from the 14 time penalties. The experienced impartial robert hering and siegfried schafer consistently enforced their strict interpretation of the rules, so that the players on the pitch had to realize early on that any grab at the throwing arm, no matter how timid, would be penalized. In the final phase of the "sumpflern" faded away the strength and above all the concentration. The bad bruckenauer finally rediscovered their speed in the attack and ensured for clear. "We want to consolidate our third place", was the clear message from the FC coach. Against the "sumpfler succeeded in any case great, even if playfully is still room for improvement.

Goals for bad bruckenau: simon dietrich (9/2), michael muller (6), georg hoch (4), nick schumm (4), tom schumm (4), simon weiner (2), lukas heil (1), max puschner (1).

SG garitz/nudlingen – spvgg giebelstadt 24:18 (13:7).

The wonderful series of the SG from garitz and nudlingen, who were just promoted to the district league, continues. In the schlossberghalle in nudlingen, only the initial phase was even. In the 4. In the second minute giebelstadt was even 2:3 ahead through antonia henkelmann. But that was it. Within five minutes, the hosts pulled through goals from nadja heer, marina titt and katrin busse to 5:3. And maintained this lead or extended it to six goals at the half-time break. Although sina bitzek scored the eighth goal for giebelstadt right after the change of ends, the SG answered with goals number 14 and 15 through sarah zintl and melina schmitt. After that, the superiority of the SG became very clear. The hosts answered every goal from giebelstadt with two of their own. From the 45. Minute they took a gear out and love the spvgg approaching. The result of the game did not change.

Goals for the SG: milena schmitt (7/3), marina titt (4), sarah tintl (3), pia steinegger (3), katrin busse (2), katharina karch (2), melissa schafer (1), elena kebler (1), nadja heer (1).

TV/DJK hammelburg – TV gerolzhofen 20:12 (11:7).

Take a stable, aggressive defense, shut down the opponent’s circle runners, convert counter-attacks in the second wave and know that you have an outstanding goalkeeper in your ranks. Thus the women of the TV/DJK succeeded in a clear against the steigerwalder from gerolzhofen. Until the 24. In the second minute, they had a comfortable six-goal lead. At half-time, the difference was still four goals. Focused, the hammelburg team came back on the field and extended the lead to eight goals. Goalkeeper sandra fischer saved all the seven-meter penalties awarded to her team. It is also worth mentioning the successful comeback of the defensive strategist helen faust, who guided her team sovereignly. Coach bernhard hereth: "fortunately it crystallizes that the responsibility and the successful goal distribution is distributed on several shoulders. The mission for the championship continues."

Goals for TV/DJK hammelburg: annika keller (5), lea schlereth (4), nicole simon (4) laura finke (3/1), nicole schroter (3/3), helen faust (1).

TSV waigolshausen – SG garitz/nudlingen II 20:15 (10:6).

From the beginning, the performance of the garitz/nudlingen reserve was hopeless at the top team from waigolshausen. After six minutes the SG was already 4:1 behind. A deficit that they could not even come close to making up in the entire game. At the break, waigolshausen was in front by four goals. In the middle of the second half, the sglers sensed their chance again, when they came close to 15:12. But then waigolshausen, especially in person of corina mergans, once again turned on. She scored the last four goals for TSV, while pia steinegger scored three times for garitz/nudlingen.

Goals for SG garitz/nudlingen II: marina titt (5), pia steinegger (5), sophie hippler (2), melissa schafer (1), cara reiher (1), anna-lena hochemer (1).

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