Union politicians want to ban children’s headscarves in schools

Union politicians want to ban children's headscarves in schools

CDU and CSU politicians have spoken out in favor of a headscarf ban for young girls in schools.

"I am convinced that banning headscarves for children under the age of 14 in educational institutions is an important step toward enabling young muslim girls to grow up freely, independently and with equal rights," christoph de vries, a member of the cdu’s interior policy, told the german press agency. The countries had to become active here now.

The deputy CSU faction leader and former bavarian justice minister winfried bausback explained that state institutions also had to counteract the tendency "for religiously or ideologically motivated "parallel societies" to develop under the cover of a misunderstood parental right develop". In this question the "priority of the welfare of the child" applies.

The state chairwoman of the women’s union in hamburg, franziska hoppermann, sees the islamic headscarf on children as "a sign of oppression and sexualization". She feels that her demand for a ban by the federal states is supported by an expert opinion by the wurzburg constitutional lawyer kyrill-alexander schwarz, which was commissioned by the federal working group of immigrant associations in germany. The report, which was presented in berlin on thursday, considers a ban on headscarves for under-14s in all public institutions to be constitutional.

In the past, the islamic associations had criticized corresponding considerations from the political sphere – also with the justification that the headscarf was not forced on most muslim girls by their parents. Germany’s feminists are divided on the issue. Some of them see a ban as a restriction of freedom, others consider the headscarf a symbol of oppression that should not be accepted out of "naive cultural relativism.

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