Tonnies rejects criticism of new companies

Tonnies rejects criticism of new companies

Germany’s biggest meat processor tonnies has denied accusations that it is using new companies to circumvent the abolition of work contracts and temporary workers in the industry from 2021 onwards.

Mr. Tonnies recently had 15 so-called shelf companies entered in the commercial register at the gutersloh district court for rheda-wiedenbruck. "We have announced that we will directly hire all employees in the core areas of production. It remains unrestricted. We are already in the middle of this process, as we want to have permanently employed the first 1,000 former contract workers by mid-september," a company spokesman told the deutsche presse-agentur on thursday.

The establishment of these shelf companies is a completely normal procedure in an international group. "Legal foundations are needed for permanent employment. At the moment, it is still completely unclear what forms of organization the planned law will provide for. As a precaution, we have therefore founded these companies," the spokesman said. With these companies, tonnies could quickly implement direct settings at different locations and for the different companies in the group.

The federal cabinet had on wednesday the planned stricter rules for the meat industry on the way brought. The draft law by federal labor minister hubertus heil (SPD) stipulates that in rough operations in the industry, as of 1. January 2021 in the core business slaughtering, cutting and meat processing no contract workers and from 1. April 2021 also no more temporary workers may be employed. Deaths threaten bubble money. Butchers’ stores with a maximum of 49 employees are exempt from this regulation.

Heil wrote on twitter regarding the accusation that tonnies was used to circumvent the hurdle of 50 employees in the labor contract ban: "no (…) the 50 regulation applies only to MANUFACTURING COMPANIES."

Freddy adjan of the nahrung genuss gaststatten (NGG) union expressed doubts about tonnies’ representation. "The meat industry has used a lot of creative energy to circumvent laws in the past. Mr. Tonnies has perfected the inhumane system of labor contracts in his companies for almost two decades," adjan told the "rheinische post" (friday). Therefore, it is not very credible that the foundations of subsidiaries are merely precautionary measures, said the union representative.

Managing director clemens tonnies himself spoke out in the "lebensmittelzeitung" and expressed his dissatisfaction with the planned stricter regulations for the meat industry. "We are to get a ban on corporations. Subsidiaries are to be banned, there is to be only one owner," said tonnies.

The manager complained that the new law would deprive the company of "the possibility of specialization and the ability to respond to market events". "I have to be able to produce sausages and hams and cut and pack them at another point. With veggie sausage and kase I may that. There is a compelling need for further discussion," said tonnies.

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