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The children from the 13 steigerwald villages visited various schoolhouses between geusfeld and schindelsee. Even after the fourth grade, they are distributed across a wide range of schools.

But when renate vollmuth and monika weinbeer invite people every five years, they come from all over franconia. Of course, the year in which they all celebrated their 50th birthday was also the year in which they all celebrated their 50th birthday. Celebrated their birthdays, a class reunion at. Where, that’s hardly a question, because kurt muller, landlord of the wengel inn in geusfeld, is also a member of the class, and he was naturally delighted to be able to entertain his former classmates.

Nearly 50 members of the class gathered in geusfeld. They commemorated the deceased fellow students.
A good part of the class no longer lives in rauhenebrach "but we have all remained down-to-earth people and almost all still live in franconia between aschaffenburg and mellrichstadt" he paid monika weinbeer. The connection with the "old homeland became clear in many speeches, because of course the steigerwald was the topic after the bund naturschutz brought up the topic of national parks again. Sw

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