There was a crash when turning left

While turning left from borstig onto berliner ring, a cyclist disregarded the right of way on wednesday at 7.15 o'clock a VW driver the right of way of a seat driver, which is why both vehicles crashed into each other. The total damage is estimated by the police to be around 35,000 euros. No one was injured.

A lot of things come together on wednesday afternoon, a 46-year-old woman was subjected to a traffic check in her car at laubanger. The officers noticed a distinct odor of cannabis in the vehicle. In addition, the lady wanted to hide a smoked joint under the driver's seat, but this did not go unnoticed by the alert eyes of the police. In the handbag of the woman, a small amount of hashish, a joint and some amphetamine came to light. Furthermore, she had attached false license plates to the car, which had been deregistered since mid-march of this year, and was also not in possession of a valid driving license. The prosecution ordered the recovery of the vehicle; in addition, the woman had to undergo a blood withdrawal in the hospital. Cyclist and fubganger get in each other's way on tuesday at about 12.30 o'clock a still unknown person ran in the podeldorfer strabe on high house number 221 abruptly from the sidewalk onto the bicycle path. There were two cyclists on the way to the city, one of which had to brake and fell. The second cyclist swerved to avoid the fallen cyclist and damaged the passenger side of a parked VW passat with his steering wheel. The damage to property is estimated by the police at about 1500 euros. The thieves and the cyclist who fell then left the scene of the accident. Thieves are targeting e-bikes on wednesday, two more e-bike thefts were reported to the police. Between monday evening and tuesday morning, a black and red corratec e-bike with a value of 2900 euros was stolen from an underground garage in birkengraben. Between 7. And 15. On october, the thieves stole a blue cube e-bike worth 2200 euros from a bicycle storage room in a multi-family house in the grafensteinstrabe. Caught shoplifter manages to escape on wednesday at around 16.45 a.M. Police were informed of a shoplifting incident. As it turned out, a man of about 25 years of age had behaved conspicuously in a shop at the grunen markt. When the man realized that he was being watched, he ran to the exit, where the theft alarm went off. The culprit then wanted to get on his bike and swear, which was prevented by the courageous witness. However, the unknown still managed to escape to fub, losing two pairs of stolen pants. An immediately initiated manhunt by the police was unsuccessful. Alcohol and drugs do not remain hidden during the control of a car with dutch registration on wednesday morning in the area of wunderburg, the 36-year-old driver was found, in addition to slight alcohol influence, also drug-typical failure symptoms.

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