The leaseholder of the castle hotel pommersfelden hort on

The leaseholder of the castle hotel pommersfelden hort on

ADAC, adidas, bayerischer landtag, bosch, continental, honda, knauff, puma, pfizer pharma, siemens, schaeffler, toyota and a whole series of german universities: the list of references of the guests of the pommersfelden castle hotel is of course much longer. In addition to conferences, the hotel’s baroque rooms also host around 30 wedding ceremonies a year. And a lot of vacationers relax here. At the end of the year, however, this will be the end of the line for the time being. The haag family of tenants is leaving after ten years.

A bitter loss

the closure of the castle hotel is a bitter loss for the community of pommersfelden. Mayor hans beck (wahlerblock sambach) sees this as a huge blow to the infrastructure and, above all, a loss of jobs.

30 employees, including five trainees, must be made redundant by the haag family, the landlords. As renate haag assures, she and her two sons had been happy to continue running the pommersfelden castle hotel. However, legal disputes with the landlord, paul graf von schonborn, have been going on for eight years.

Because the relationship has become so strained, the haag family has decided to prematurely terminate the lease agreement, which is supposed to run until 2015. A settlement has now been reached before the higher regional court to enable the closure to take place as early as the end of 2013, reports renate haag.

Family has bought its own hotel in baden

since 2012 there have been interested successor tenants, in 2013 further ones were presented to the count, but all of them were not accepted, says renate haag. For the haags, the end of the year in pommersfelden is definitely the end of the road. In the meantime, the family has bought its own hotel in buhl in baden.

Renate haag has a long list of incidents ready, which have now culminated in the exit. From the very beginning, parts of the historic building were not used as agreed in the lease contract. Again and again there had been friction and different views about the use of the historical buildings and the aubenanlagen.

But even with its 67 rooms, the hotel had always been well utilized. Weddings and a lot of rough meetings with 60 to 120 persons each had filled the schedule. Dinner shows on the themes of crime, dracula or chocolate and more had been very well received.

Almost two million in rent

renate haag also had to take criticism because she had given an association with an exaggerated right-wing position the right to a "castle in the air" spirit sheltered once a year. About 300 people came to this meeting, who also filled ten hotels in the area. But this association had already met in the castle hotel even before the haags had taken up their lease, the boss looks back. In addition, there has always been contact with the police and the office for the protection of the constitution.

Renate haag criticizes the fact that of the almost two million euros she has paid in rent over the past ten years, "nothing has gone into renovation or been spent on preserving the fabric of the building. Empty building sections became dilapidated and she had rooms that could no longer be rented out.
Your hotel has preferred to work with local businesses. So the baked goods were obtained from the local baker, the flower store made do with the weddings. If the castle hotel was overbooked, the guests were referred to houses in the neighborhood.

Now everything has to be cleared in december. The kitchen, as well as the restaurant and the rooms. Renate haag can’t really understand this, as it would have made more sense for her if a new tenant could simply continue in the fully furnished house.
But that is not what paul graf von schonborn had in mind. As he explained in response to a question from the FT, he is planning to manage the hotel himself. It has been decided to close the pommersfelden castle hotel, where he has a "huge investment pressure" sees, no longer to lease. The lease relationship had never worked properly from the count’s point of view. The contract with the haag family is also "very loosely formulated" been. No agreement has been reached with possible new tenants.

Now paul graf von schonborn is planning a "rough solution", in which the castle with gastronomy and hotel should gain in attractiveness. "Four stars plus" would be aspired. They are in the process of developing a concept for investment and operation.

"Pommersfelden is not zermatt or lugano"

sandra dorn, still a receptionist at the castle hotel, considers such plans to be a "castle in the air". The woman with experience in the hotel industry thinks that an upgrade to more stars is not very promising: "pommersfelden is not zermatt or lugano." The target group for this was simply not there. Sandra dorn looks from her reception at the castle guesthouse, which also belongs to the count. It’s "due to renovation work that’s not finished" already closed for almost five years.

Burgermeister beck regrets the departure of the haag family: "they have understood their business. The haags were restaurateurs in body and soul." Beck was buried if the count implements his plans, but does not believe that pommersfelden has the infrastructure necessary for a luxury hotel.

The mayor can only watch the loss of jobs in the castle hotel, as well as the withdrawal of the coarse bakery burkard.

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