The hochstadt daycare landscape is becoming more colorful

The kindergarten merry-go-round in hochstadt continues to spin rapidly. While the new daycare center in centbechhofen is taking shape, ideas for another daycare center are already in the pipeline. Accordingly, a new daycare center is to be built in etzelskirchen. Discussions with the hochstadt daycare center managers and a needs analysis by the company planwerk have shown that more childcare places are needed, and that the existing kindergartens can no longer meet the demand.

The construction of another daycare center is necessary. For this, the city is looking for a carrier. The protestant church community of hochstadt declared that it was not available as a sponsor, reported mayor gerald brehm (JL). On request, however, caritas is said to have given the green light. In a non-official meeting, the city council unanimously decided that caritas regio gmbh erlangen and the catholic church foundation would be entrusted with the task of carrying out the project, according to brehm.

If necessary, the city will take over

If the offer is withdrawn after all, the city of hochstadt will act as the sponsor. "We already see the decision as a given", says brehm. Dean kilian kemmer reported on request that for the sponsorship mainly caritas is considered. Applications for planning must be submitted by no later than 31. July, because otherwise a demand program ends, which makes a financing of up to 90 percent possible.

If the city does take over the responsibility, amounts have already been earmarked in the investment program for the coming budget years, says brehm. Brehm does not expect construction to begin before the end of the year.

Meanwhile, the plans for the new daycare center in centbechhofen are more concrete. The architectural firm wiesneth presented a feasibility study to the city council. The new building is planned to have 94 places, including 52 kindergarten places, twelve daycare places and 30 after-school care places. According to the plans of the architects, the building will be divided into four individual buildings (administration, nursery, kindergarten, after-school care). In addition, there will be shared spaces such as the entrance area. The city council unanimously approved the construction of the daycare center in centbechhofen. The administration is instructed to submit the request to the government of central franconia.

The new day care center is planned to be built on the site of the old school. The building, which has not been used for years, is to be demolished shortly. With the new building, the responsibility will be transferred from the church to the city of hochstadt. City councilor andreas hanjes (SPD) could not understand why the church foundation in centbechhofen was relinquishing its support. A statement that was met with incomprehension by mayor brehm: no one has the obligation to operate a daycare center. Brehm received support from baptist enkert (CSU): the church administration does not see itself in a position to handle this project because the risk is too great. "It is too one-sided to claim now that the church is pulling out because it is not financially worthwhile", said enkert.

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