Soldiers’ association takes a critical view of development

Soldiers' association takes a critical view of development

The bavarian soldiers’ association (bsb), kronach district association, held its spring meeting at the buffn schorsch inn in welitsch. Clear criticism of the honorary employment was loud. So even on the day of mourning there are hardly any participants in the vigils.
The local chairman of the soldatenkameradschaftsbund welitsch (SKB), dieter keiner, buried the guests. After the information by the district chairman reinhard schulein the report of the reservist supervisor wolfgang fortsch was on the agenda. He went with thoughtful words on the current situation of the federal armed forces and the reservists. After the abolition of compulsory military service in 2011, the number of reservists was forced to shrink. But also the soldier’s associations registered membership decline. The bundeswehr is in a pitiful, poor condition as far as technical equipment is concerned, says the sergeant major in the reserve.

A return to the past is called for

It is time to remember the core tasks of the soldiers’ comradeships. In addition to the care of the comradeship and the preservation of the memory of the fallen, the care and support of war-affected persons is also part of this. But also the war widows and the surviving dependents are the concern and the social commitment of these associations. These commitments were taken on by the soldier comradeships, which deserved respect.
Fortsch regretted, however, the decreasing commitment, especially when it comes to honorary duties on the day of mourning at the honorary memorials. It was hard to find some idealists who were willing to sacrifice half an hour for a vigil.
The memorial in brauersdorf bears the inscription "unworthy is the nation that forgets its heroes!". This saying is intended to remind us that our ancestors fell or were seriously injured in the war for their fatherland. If they had to experience that the descendants do not find any more time for the reminder of peace and freedom, they will not understand that, speculated the speaker. All the more reason to be grateful to the few members who still remember their task and duty and who are committed to the care of war graves and honorary memorials as well as the preservation of tradition. Fortsch expressed his special thanks to district chairman reinhard schulein, who continues to be committed to the BOD district association despite his illness.
Wolfgang romig spoke on behalf of werner bieberstein, who was unable to attend. He underlined the words of the reservist supervisor. 20 years ago, 136 members were organized in the BSB district association, today there are only 77.

Problems with exercises

For today’s reservists, it is difficult to participate in pushes because the corresponding facilities are far away, says romig. Therefore he has understanding, if the interest in the pushes decreases. Nevertheless one does not throw the flinte into the grain. In rothenkirchen, the tradition of an annual bivouac is maintained and good fellowship is fostered with the sks in the kronach district association.
The SK friesen introduced its two new chairmen: jan kraus (first chairman) and armin zwingmann (second chairman).
New second chairman of the SK marienroth is norbert schulein. The chairman of the SK langenau, hans reier, suggested to hold a serenade in langenau.

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