Schwalbenhof: medical center instead of public parking spaces?

Building investor wolfgang rosentritt, who has already realized or planned several sensational projects in kitzingen, took a bold step on thursday: he confronted the kitzingen city council with an idea of a doctor’s house in the schwalbenhof in the old part of town. Still no concept or design plan. Mayor stefan guntner had allowed him to address the council at this early stage of the project.

The reason: rosentritt’s plan raises debatable questions. The investor, who already owns the norma and other buildings up to the italian and greek in the schwalbenhof on 4000 square meters, would like to build a medical center on the public parking lots in front of the supermarket. The result: after that, the parking spaces were only available to the users and visitors of the swallow yard. Parking for everyone would no longer be possible there.

Doctor and pharmacist want to move in

This is the plan: the internist dr. Thomas brohm and pharmacist martin muller, currently both in the medical center in moltkestrabe, would like to relocate. That’s why rosentritt wants to build a doctor’s house for them and other interested parties in front of norma, on the rough parking area owned by the city of kitzingen. In order to make the building economical, rosentritt calculated that he would have to accommodate three to four practices on up to 1500 square meters of total floor space. It follows that the doctor’s building must have several floors. How many floors it could have is still unclear and depends on demand.

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Rosentritt can imagine around 100 parking spaces in the basement and on the ground floor, and above them the practice building. The investor will combine the construction with the renovation of his existing buildings in this area. "It should become friendlier and gentler", he said at the council meeting.

Lord mayor guntner explained to the council that it was to be decided in advance whether the medical center would be located in the city center or whether the public parking spaces would be used. There are currently just under 60 parking spaces there. If the city wants to continue to use its flat as a parking area, the medical center there will become nothing. In response to a question, the mayor explained that all other efforts to install a medical center in the city center had so far come to nothing.

City council must decide

Thomas rank (CSU) thought that a medical center belonged better in the city center than on the edge of town. But the loss of parking spaces is painful. Astrid glos (SPD) learned from rosentritt that he could not economically imagine two basement levels for parking. He also explained that it would be difficult in the long run to keep the norma in the old town. He quoted norma as saying that they "hardly work economically on this flat surface" CONNECT. He would like to keep the discounter, but says he wants to change it and make it more attractive. The trend of such markets goes out of the "hidden location" to the B8. "Norma is finally at this point" , claimed rosentritt.

Andreas moser (CSU) said with regard to the parking lots that the kitzingen police department will be vacating its building complex in the foreseeable future. A conceivable flat for a park area on the edge of the old town?

Several rates wanted to know whether rosentritt would like to locate a food or organic market in schwalbenhof if norma were to leave. He explained that he has been trying for years to attract interested parties. So far, this has been difficult. Timo markert (CSU) pointed out that the edeka market waigand was only 500 meters further on.

"A nail in the coffin for the retail trade

Klaus sanzenbacher (grune) said that "every parking space lost is a nail in the coffin for the retail trade in the old town" is. In addition, there were trees in the schwalbenhof, which then fell victim to a sealed flat area. According to rosentritt, the parking area is already sealed and there are only a few trees. He suggested roof greening as compensation.

Finally, jens pauluhn (odp) and klaus heisel (SPD) pointed out that the city wanted to draw up a traffic concept. The parking issue has to be seen in this context: how many cars will drive into the old town in the future and where will they park?? The parliamentary groups will now discuss rosentritt’s idea internally before the topic comes before the city council again.

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