Politicians held lessons at the technical high school

politicians held lessons at the technical high school

In the framework of the "free school day" in bavaria, which was held under the motto "tur auf – kommunalpolitik schenkt eine unterrichtsstunde" ("tur on – local politics gives a lesson") on monday, the twelfth-grade students at the french-speaking switzerland technical high school had the opportunity to get up close and personal with politicians.

Principal bernhard haberl had three active politicians come to the private technical high school in eggolsheim for the event, which was initiated by the association of bavarian private schools.

"I am very happy about this opportunity to establish contact between politicians and schoolchildren, and I think it is very important to strengthen political and social commitment", the principal said in a press release.

Haberl was able to win over hartmut koschyk, who was parliamentary secretary of state in the federal ministry of finance from 2009 to 2013 and previously parliamentary managing director of the CSU state group in the german bundestag, for a double lesson.

Talking about korea and china

The latter came with reinforcement in the person of thomas awe, who worked for the konrad adenauer foundation in asia for many years. Both were able, as it says in the message, to talk together very vividly and at first hand about the history and the current situation on the korean peninsula and in china.

Mayor claus schwarzmann (burgerbund) had a home game, who spoke in a class about "communal responsibility using the example of the market town of eggolsheim" spoke. Based on his 24 years of service, he was able to give the schoolchildren insightful information about the diverse tasks of a municipality, as it says in the school’s communication. Schwarzmann stressed that mutual learning is important. He was happy to accept the invitation, because he could and wanted to learn from the students.

The third politician in the group was hermann ulm (CSU), who was able to share his professional qualities as a former teacher in one of the classes. In addition to a lecture on the district of forchheim, he involved the schoolchildren in the form of group work. After the lesson, everyone agreed that it had been a successful event that they would like to repeat more often.

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