Munich sinks into chaos without electricity

Munich sinks into chaos without electricity

When it was supposed to get light, it first got dark. Shortly after seven o'clock there is no more electricity in the south of munich with one blow. 450.000 people affected. 18 of 35 substations fail, small explosion in bogenhausen. A munich resident claims to have seen a very bright light of about 5 to 10 seconds coming from the direction of freising at about seven o'clock in the morning.

The municipal utilities later explain in a press conference that the cause of the power outage was a line failure in the direction of moosburg. The immediate consequence: S-bahn and U-bahn trains are canceled, even the streetcar no longer runs, causing traffic chaos. All traffic lights on the central ring road are out, cars are jammed in the tunnels. A motorist complains that the police are carrying out a rough radar check about 100 meters from the intersection of balanstrabe and standlerstrabe, even though traffic at the intersection is backed up for hundreds of meters. No official regulates traffic.

Shaving with a headlamp
Many already have problems getting out of the house at all – without electricity. Especially in high-rise buildings. In the windowless bathroom it was time to shave and brush teeth with the headlamp from the hiking rucksack. Then it was time for the descent from the 13. Stick , then to fub further on the work. Many arrived late at the office.

The power outage was an exciting experience for the children. It came just as most people were getting ready to go to school. It was clear that the little ones hoped the power outage would last as long as possible.

There hasn't been a blackout like this in munich since 1992. Eduard bauer, head of the network and plant service department of the munich public utility company, explains that the cause of the power failure could have been a short circuit or a broken voltage or current transformer. The investigation of the causes could take up to a week.

Public utilities were prepared
Stephan schwarz, head of the city's public utilities department, pointed out that the reaction had come from a standing position. "We are prepared for these things, hitting it proudly. But the munich-based company was still lucky. Because only one of the two supply districts was affected. "It could have been worse if the whole of munich had been out of action" black then also admitted frankly. Around noon, the lights are back on almost everywhere in munich. Only in schwabing, some of the traffic lights still didn't want to work properly. The municipal utilities give the general all-clear. If the analysis of the causes shows that eon bavaria is to blame for the outage, there will also be questions of liability, explains schwarz.

According to experts, power outages like the one in munich could occur more frequently in the future. The reason, he said, is that after the liberalization of energy markets, investment in grid infrastructure has been significantly reduced.

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