Microsoft and snapchat also cancel developer conferences

microsoft and snapchat also cancel developer conferences

Next tech companies to cancel their spring developer conferences due to coronavirus risks include microsoft and snap.

The for the 19. Until 21. May planned microsoft build in seattle should now take place as a "digital event", the software company announced on friday. Seattle is one of the areas in the u.S. That is currently particularly affected by the spread of the new coronavirus.

Snap plans to reschedule its partner summit for early april in los angeles. The company behind the popular photo app snapchat held on to the date for a long time because the event had a rather smaller scale.

The facebook and google conferences scheduled for may have already been canceled – and are to be replaced by online broadcasts. Apple has not yet commented on its plans for the WWDC, which traditionally takes place in early june.

For tech companies, the annual events, which attract several thousand software developers and journalists from around the world, are an important platform for presenting new products and maintaining contact with partners.

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