Mass protests in soccer country: brazil on the streets

Brazil protests and the president likes it. Over 200,000 people took to the streets nationwide. They called for an end to corruption and mismanagement, criticized the excessive cost of the world cup and demanded more money for education and health. There were also riots, but most of the protests remained peaceful, partly because the police showed restraint this time. Head of state dilma rousseff had already made it clear during the night: peaceful demonstrations are part of democracy.

The pictures from the night were symbolic. In the capital, brasilia, hundreds of demonstrators danced and celebrated on the roof of the national congress in brasilia, which is world-famous for its architecture. "Uh, ah – the congress is ours", shouted the young people. They waved national flags, sang songs and raised their fists in the air.

Head of state rousseff, who was in resistance during brazil’s dictatorship period (1964-1985), defended the right to peaceful protest. "Brazil woke up stronger today. The crudeness of the demonstrations of yesterday (monday) have proven the energy of our democracy", she said the day after. It was good to see so many young people and adults defending a better brazil, holding brazil’s flag and singing the national anthem. Your government heard this voice calling for change.

The nationwide action was well organized. Many had arranged to meet via social networks on the internet. For weeks now, demonstrations have been underway against an increase in public transportation fares. Protests also took place last saturday in brasilia at the opening match of the confederations cup, the dress rehearsal for the 2014 soccer world cup. President rousseff must have had bad ideas, because she was booed massively at the opening ceremony in the brand-new mane-garrincha stadium.

100.000 people paralyzed avendia rio branco

it is also the immense cost of an estimated 27.5 billion reais (9.6 billion euros). Euros) for next year’s mega-sporting event that has many brazilians in a frenzy. "I’m skipping the world cup and want more money for health and education", many of the demonstrators shouted. It is no coincidence that the wave of protests has encompassed almost all of the twelve world cup cities. "Brazil on the road"), was the headline in the newspaper "O globo" on tuesday.
In rio de janeiro, where the world cup final and the confed cup final were played on 30 june, there were. When the whistle blew for the start of the june meeting, the situation escalated at around 9 p.M. (local time). While some 100,000 people effectively paralyzed the avendia rio branco around the historic teatro municipal, hundreds of rioters split off and tried for hours to storm the regional parliament of rio state.

They threw molotov cocktails and stones at the building. Windows shattered. Some climbed the facade and actually managed to get inside the parliament, where up to 80 police officers were holed up in another area at the time. They threw chairs out of the window, which were burned in front of the building. Around parliament, rioters smashed windows of bank branches. A car burst into flames.

In sao paulo, brazil’s largest city with a population of over eleven million, it is estimated that over 60,000 demonstrators marched through the city. "The people united govern without parties", shouted the demonstrators there. Last week, there were violent confrontations with the police on the central avenida paulista, resulting in around 100 injuries. This experience had increased the willingness to protest. This time it remained largely peaceful.

On tuesday night, the task force’s motto was obviously: de-escalation. Even in front of the parliament building in rio, the rioters were able to do as they pleased for a long time. There could be no talk of a peaceful demonstration. 20 police officers were injured according to initial findings. Parliamentary president paulo mello found clear words for the attacks of the hooded men – he spoke of vandalism and an "act of terrorism".

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