Kissinger cabaret autumn: urban priol’s fight against windmills

Kissinger cabaret autumn: urban priol's fight against windmills

Since 1986 urban priol is on stage as a cabaret artist and in retrospect he states: "the old texts are still valid! That’s all you get!" So the aggressive despair expressed in his program "yesterdaytoday morning" is understandable and which caused both concern and hearty laughter in the sold-out max littmann hall. With a wild struwwel hairstyle, striking glasses, a flashy shirt and a non-alcoholic wheat beer in hand, the man from aschaffenburg stormed onto the stage. Despite its coarseness, the eloquent priol fills it out completely.

The experts at the mixing desk should be complimented on the fact that priol’s vocal escapades could be heard and understood from the last seat on the balcony. On the other hand, the lighting technicians had less work: the stage was fully illuminated, so that the 57-year-old always appeared in the best light, from the high table on the right – with manuscript – to the table-chair combination on the left. Between these two stage-points he wanders steadily back and forth.

"We live in uncertain times

"We live in ….." – that’s all it took to get the 900 guests in the mood for what was to come. Because everyone said in his head:"… In uncertain times." And he associated these uncertain times with the rulers and powerful of this world, whom he gave a good telling off. But you can’t expect priol to be balanced. He refers to angela merkel as "lady pattex", he dubbed the csu "alpine taliban, for him, the greens are "FDP with bicycle, jens spahn is "more supportive than any hope" and for trump he recommends "supervised government". For alexander dobrindt he writes in the life testimony: "he did not even make an effort."

Priol needs the enemy images he builds up in painstaking research work and sarcastically distorts their exaggerations. He finds enough examples: the toll debacle of the ministry of transport, for example, which, with a 3.3 billion euro settlement, can be considered a political success for the companies involved, but not for the state, which is foregoing twice that amount. A found food for him is also when "rolex-kalle and tax evasion-uli" claiming article 1 of the constitution for the FC bavaria.

He reduces the AFD-pegida swamp to "the refugees are to blame for everything" and criticizes a lack of historical awareness – but he doesn’t leave it at that, because ultimately the following applies in troubled times: "if we can do anything, it’s hysterical"!" He proves this with the planned spessart national park as well as the danger that the spessart will become a "wild boar whorehouse degenerated. But instead of countering with competence, we are presented with the opposite: finances versus cumex business, defense versus shortage management, engineering versus rough airport. "We can – yes what actually?" Is priol’s question. For almost three hours he deflobbed the empty speech bubbles of the political celebrities; with a flood of irony and sarcasm, acknowledged by archaic laughter and effervescent applause.

Afterwards, priol asks for a freshly tapped pilsner in the foyer. But before that, there is a glimpse into his life of misery after more than three intensive decades of cabaret: "I wanted to become don corleone, I have become don quijote and every day new windmills are added to the list."

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