Julia albert gladly accepts her new role

Julia albert gladly accepts her new role

Situation funny. Julia albert’s self-assessment reads with a twinkle in her eye. The SG garitz/nudlingen (1) player had a good sense of humor./20:4) after the 29:30 defeat at the HC cadolzburg although not lost. But the annoyance of the second defeat of the season lingers on. "This was very annoying, as we had been leading for a long time. But there’s no point in hanging your head, you have to look ahead and try to learn from your mistakes. And in the rematch the cards are reshuffled anyway."

After all, the 23-year-old scored six goals in the top match. Which fits in with the other attributes that julia albert gives herself: ambitious, dynamic, team-oriented. Julia albert got into handball through her older sister. The selection training in youth demanded the talent that matured at TSV mellrichstadt. "It was very difficult to say goodbye. But I am still in contact with my former team and try to watch as often as possible", says the player from mellrichstadt, who switched to the team after being recruited by former coach dietmar piechulek "to play at a high level and to develop myself athletically". The notary’s assistant gladly accepts the trips to training and the matches. "Of course, this is a time-consuming hobby. But it regularly provides a sense of achievement. And I like the challenge of achieving the best possible goals together with the team."

With the departure of natascha will, julia albert is on the pitch much more often. And will also against the TV helmbrechts (7./12:12) take responsibility. "Playing practice brings self-confidence. Julia was overshadowed by natascha will for a long time, but she has made significant progress through individual training and is on the right track", says harun tucovic. The SG coach sees the 23-year-old, who likes to spend her free time with friends, ride her bike or play squash, as the most valuable player in the right back area. "She is finally left-handed, and that is rather rare."

Against the upper franconia harun tucovic demands unmistakably a victory from his team "even if the opponent has found better into the season after a difficult start, is well staffed in the back and has mastered different game systems". The recent defeat was another warning example for the coach that the concentration must be kept high for 60 minutes. "We dominated cadolzburg for long stretches and led by a wide margin before we lost our finishing precision. If we want to be autumn champions, we have to win. And we can only do that if we give the maximum in every match."

Julia albert also sees it as her duty to do so. "I have to take more throws with more self-confidence." The backcourt player has so far been spared any serious injuries. Dislocated thumb and cerebral palsy are a long time coming. Good conditions, therefore, for the SG garitz/nudlingen to make a lasting impact on the game. "Before the game, I try to switch off my nerves and concentrate on the game", says julia albert. Something that always succeeds better.

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