Igensdorf councillors pull together

Meaningful words were spoken in the igensdorf town council: "the market town council resolves to create a new infrastructure in the form of a new building that is appropriate for the future staffing level and the machinery and vehicle fleet of the municipal building yard."

With this basic resolution, the igensdorf town council has, after a long time, once again found its way back to constructive and cross-factional cooperation. With this, the times of quarreling for its own sake may also belong to the past. In the past few months, quite a few people in igensdorf had gained the impression that the councils were less concerned with the issue at hand – the future of the fire station and the building yard – than with their own image.

And also the youngest session of the municipal council had started in the well known way. Second mayor manfred finkes (SPD) and his colleagues renate wolfel and hans-jurgen rohrer once again explained their proposal for a basic decision.

This should have the new construction of a building yard as its content. Finkes reminded his colleagues in the town council once again that the administrative court in bayreuth had recently confirmed the admissibility of the citizens' petition. As a consequence, the people of igensdorf themselves were soon allowed to decide on the implementation of the fire department development plan and the new construction of the building yard.

Finkes, however, sees the facts as already too far advanced for a citizen petition to make any sense at all. The reconstruction of the fire station, which has been in the works for a long time, is about to be completed. In addition, the preparation and implementation of the request is out of proportion to its benefits.

CSU presents its own text
Mayor wolfgang rast (IU) also subsequently argued for a basic resolution on the construction of a new building yard: "the market town council resolves the construction of a new building yard and commissions the administration with the necessary preparations", the text of the resolution is as follows.

CSU faction spokesman edmund ulm, however, put his own text proposal up for discussion: "the market town council adopts the following basic resolution: the market town council resolves to create an infrastructure that is appropriate for the future staffing level and machinery and vehicle fleet of the municipal building yard.

The personnel and material equipment, planning/export and a suitable location are to be determined in separate resolutions by the market town council", it said. Rast rejected this version, however, because it did not explicitly mention a new construction site.

In this tricky situation, the igensdorf town council agreed on a compromise that even jurgen zimmermann () could support. At the last meeting, zimmermann had not been in a position to make a decision, citing unclear construction costs as the reason.

The basic resolution now deprives the planned citizens' petition of its basis. It means that the people of igensdorf are not called to the polls.

When and where the building yard will be built, however, must now be decided by the igensdorf community council in the next meetings. But the basic resolution now puts the city council in a position to discuss such questions in concrete terms. This was one of the reasons why mayor rast had advocated a basic resolution.

Previously, the market town council had already decided – also without any dissenting votes – to commission the administration with the initiation of the first steps for the creation of a water development concept (GEK). This is intended to improve the structures of the third-order water in the area of the market igensdorf. Rast had invited landscape planner walter naher from the water management office (WWA) in kronach to talk about this topic.
Naher made clear that not only the coarser waters of the first and second order, which lie in the area of responsibility of the free state, contribute to the flood situation. This also applies to the third-order waters, which are the responsibility of the municipalities.

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