Hochstadt artwork returns

Things are happening on the aischwiesen. Where the wind vanes of the late hochstadt artist roland lindenmann once stood, greuth blacksmith thomas bochtler has begun to prepare the old foundations for the general renovation of the artwork.

The "lindenmann initiative" group of friends, who cares for the legacy of the artist, has long since made it his goal to reinstall the flood-proofed wind vanes at their old location. "In two to three weeks we want to put it up", announces katrin niblein.

Security risk

The yellow and black metal masts with the circular heads, visible from afar in the aischgrund, had become a safety hazard and were therefore dismantled years ago. Cause: the bearings mounted just above the foundation could not withstand the floodwater for long and stopped turning. This gave the wind a too coarse attack surface. The metal poles threatened to topple over.

The apprentices at the hochstadt schaeffler plant have now made new bearings as part of their training, which thomas bochtler is installing these days under the heads of the wind vanes, protected from muddy high water.

Before that, the flags made their first round at the wiegel company in aischpark. There, they were given rust protection by hot-dip galvanizing. Once the greuth blacksmith has finished installing the bearings, the parts are returned to wiegel and given a powder coating in the colors they originally had.

Wiegel will not charge for hot dip galvanizing and powder coating. "We see this as a contribution to hochstadt as a business location", says plant manager reinhold taut. Once they wanted to stay here in hochstadt for a long time and then the company often did projects like this for municipalities at its 39 locations .

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