For the time being, no subsidy for the haard football club

Sigismund von dobschutz

in a letter to mayor harald hofmann (CSU) and the city council, the board of the haard soccer club recently asked for budgetary consideration of a subsidy for the renovation of their soccer field. Over the next ten years, this surface is to be resurfaced with the help of machinery and manure for an estimated sum of 40,000 euros, thus making it playable again for the coveted relegation competitions.
In the recent past, the spvgg had already received refusals from other football clubs who had described the pitch as unplayable. The spvgg haard therefore asked the municipal council for a subsidy amounting to one third of the estimated costs.

Not fundamentally against it

On tuesday, after the letter had been read out, the municipal council discussed this request of the association in the course of its budget deliberations, but did not want to include a fixed amount in the budget. The committee considered both formal and factual reasons to be given: as a matter of principle, the clubs are requested to submit corresponding applications in good time before the preparation of a budget by the end of the year.
In addition, the municipality has so far only ever granted clubs subsidies of up to a maximum of ten percent, and this only for value-preserving investments in club facilities, but not for ongoing maintenance.

Dependent on revenue

Third burgermeister stephan schmitt from haard defended the application of the playing association. The club’s funds were used for the extensive renovation of the sports center, so there was hardly any money left for the sports field. On the other hand, the spvgg is dependent on the income from the relegation games.
But mayor harald hofmann also complained that the letter from the board could not be regarded as an official application because the final sum of 40,000 euros, spread over ten years, was only an estimate and the letter was accompanied only by inadequate supporting documents.
The council therefore decided, after lengthy discussion, not to take into account the request of the spvgg board in the 2018 budget and to discuss it again only in a later meeting after clarification of open questions.

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