Danger to life of ex-burgermeister wowereit has died

Danger to life of ex-burgermeister wowereit has died

Jorn kubicki, the life of berlin’s former mayor klaus wowereit, is dead. This is what wowereit’s lawyer christian schertz told the dpa.

"As klaus wowereit’s lawyer, i can confirm that jorn kubicki died today," schertz said. "Further declarations will not be made on this matter and we ask that you respect mr. Wowereit’s privacy"."First the "bild am sonntag" had reported about kubicki’s death.

According to the newspaper, neurologist kubicki, born in 1965, and wowereit (66) were a couple for almost 30 years. The politician and the physician were already together when wowereit was preparing to make it to the top in state politics. He was mayor of berlin from 2001 to 2014, and from 2009 to 2013 he was also one of the deputy federal chairmen of the SPD.

Wowereit publicly said "I’m gay and that’s a good thing" when he was nominated as berlin’s top SPD candidate in 2001. The sentence earned him a lot of respect and has been quoted in connection with him again and again. Ten years later, he explained that at the time he had not weighed up whether this would harm or benefit him. He inaugurated berlin’s SPD faction only a short time before.

He had preferred to go on the offensive himself, said the SPD politician – not all of his party colleagues were of the opinion that such openness on the subject of homosexuality was a good idea – especially in times of election campaigns. The sentence was not pre-formulated, said the social democrat. "That came out of the belly."

In the early elections in october 2001, the berlin SPD became the strongest force again after many years, and wowereit moved into the red city hall. He stayed there longer than many thought he would at first. It is considered very unlikely that his successor michael muller (SPD) could remain in office for a similarly long time.

Politically, it didn’t hurt wowereit to be so open about his homosexuality at a time when many other politicians in germany would rather not talk about it.

Wowereit and kubicki were regularly seen together in public – even in the recent past. At the berlinale 2019, for example, both came to the awarding of the baren in the berlinale palast. At christopher street day in the same year they took part in the parade together on an open float – not for the first time.

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