Commemoration of the book burning in coburg

The fire burned on 7. May 1933 in the courtyard of the ehrenburg castle. Among the poets whose works ended up in flames was bertold brecht. 80 years later, karl-heinz lindner chose one of his epitaphs, wrote it on a small piece of paper and hung it on a balloon: "I escaped the sharks, I killed the tigers". I was eaten by the bugs." City councilor gabriele morper-marr (SPD) was brief: "never again war". Not all participants in the commemorative event, to which the SPD sudost had invited, wanted to talk about the wishes they had sent into the evening sky. A fire burning in the castle courtyard symbolized the burning of books in the year the nazis seized power.

Councilwoman petra schneider had previously made it clear that, in view of the role that coburg played during the period of national socialism, she had a particular obligation for the descendants in today’s time sees. "We should explain this to the young people so that this does not happen again", she said. Franziska bartl, sub-district chairwoman of the jusos, had summarized the chronology of events in coburg. She began with a quote from heinrich heine, which was to become reality in the third reich: "where you burn books, you end up burning people as well."

She then asked the participants in the commemorative event to write their wishes or quotes from poets and writers whose works were once burned on small pieces of paper and to send them out into the world by balloon. "We stand here today because we stand for our democracy, for its colorfulness, for its right to free thought and for its right to freedom", franziska bartl said.

What happened in coburg on 7. May 1933 happens?

Start at 8.At 30 o’clock, the youth gangs gathered to march unitedly to the moriz church. In coburg, the hitlerjugend was responsible for the burning of books. Her unterbannfuhrer was franz heimberger, a member of the nazi party and head of the city’s popular bookshop. As early as the end of march, a request was received by the administrative and police council that the city’s lending libraries should be monitored because they contained "trashy literature beinde. At the beginning of april, there were controls by the student councilor heimberger. Confiscated were so-called novels of manners, magazines of the korperkultur movement and books – for example by erich maria remarque and heinrich mann.

Burning after the service in the morizkirche, the hitlerjugend, the jungvolk and the bund deutscher madchen marched to the schlossplatz, where in the outer courtyard the ehrenburg after a short speech heimberger’s magazines and books were burned. The national socialist youth joined the audience in singing the horst wessel song. Afterwards, the participants in the event moved to the anger.

Conclusion a so-called german youth evening was held in the festival hall of the hofbraugaststatten in mohrenstrabe (where the kaufhof now stands). Franz heimberger was the main speaker and threatened: "woe to the one who wants to destroy the community". Marxist writings and sudeleien of remarque, feuchtwanger, troller and other alien elements are no longer tolerated."

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