City councillors submit wish list for 2013

City councillors submit wish list for 2013

The city council was extraordinarily har mon on tuesday evening. Mayor brigitte meyerdierks reflected on 2012 with a short presentation: "our biggest project was the elementary school." The new annex was completed in time for the start of the school year, and where the old annex once stood, there is now only a large hole in the building.

A look back at what has been achieved
But there was also a lot going on this year: the bruckenau rhonallianz, the association of the eight municipalities of the old county, became active. Many citizens discussed the future of the region in working groups. Life has returned to the youth center and the building yard has been cleared of debris. Premiere of the sportsmen's and volunteers' awards in the fall. "We would be poor as a city if we didn't have these many volunteers", meyerdierks praised the work done year after year by numerous associations and social and church institutions.
Numerous challenges lie ahead for the coming year. Construction sites such as the long overdue renovation of kissinger strabe and unterhainstrabe are in the pipeline. The question of wind power in the rhon, the completion of the romershag highway bridge, the bone of contention that is the sinntal railroad. The fire department is getting two new vehicles and the tetsch'r want to finish the new water playground in sinnaupark. "But the demographic change will be above everything", meyerdierks identifies the central challenge not only for 2013, but also for the years to come.

Construction start for waldenfels house in april
Another high point: the new construction of haus waldenfels. "Excavation of the land is to start in april", announced meyerdierks to. "What will happen to the old wal denfels house??", emanuel fritschka (PWG) wanted to know. According to meyerdierks, there is no concrete concept yet, but "the talk is on." Second mayor adelheid zimmermann (FDP) expressed her thanks to meyerdierks on behalf of the city council. It has also had a positive impact on relations beyond the city limits. And about the waldenfels house: "that was a very rough deal, which was also supported by the district council."
"Every year again – with these words, chamberlain leo romeis announced the borrowing for the 2012 budget year. Originally, the financial plan was to incur 900,000 euros in debt this year. Fortunately, however, there was additional income of 300,000 eu ro from commercial tax. "We had to make do with a loan of 600,000 euros", proposed romeis to the councillors, who approved the project unanimously.

Concrete wishes for the coming year
City councilor jurgen pfister (PWG) took advantage of the pre-christmas mood and presented the mayor with a wish list for 2013. At the top of the list: a urologist for bad bruckenau. A successor for professor fritschka, who is retiring in the spring, is not in sight. "We are in very good contact with the hospital," said meyerdierks, assured meyerdierks. "The only problem is that the market for urologists is empty." Fritschka himself promised to continue his efforts to find a successor soon.
Another of pfister's urgent requests is that the spray and noise protection on the new freeway bridge be height of two meters will be expanded. A talk with the federal minister of transport got nowhere, and the city had to withdraw its complaint because it did not have the right to sue. "The minister's "no" has broken a lot of things.", said meyerdierks. "I certainly have no hope for that anymore."

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