Christmas gifts from the best of the forest

Christmas gifts from the best of the forest

Who doesn’t love the wonderful scent of spruce needles when walking through the forest?? This is the scent that "fischbach’s frecha fruchtla" wanted in their last action for 2017. For a whole year, the youth group of the fruit and gardening association (OGV) fischbach had dealt with the topic "our forest – our trees! Climate savers and multi-talents!" Busy. Fittingly, the young and young-at-heart had only recently put their creative energy into the service of forest animals. From spruce boards they built a feeding manger as well as a squirrel feeding house, which they then set up in the forest, filled with delicacies. This time they wanted to do something good for themselves, or rather for their loved ones, who could look forward to very special christmas presents this year – with the best that the forest has to offer

In the community center in fischbach, 21 children and their parents dared to produce very special bath balls and exclusive bath salts in the christmas workshop on saturday. Armed with scatterbrains, scales, loppers, shears and glue, they immediately set to work – and they had to share the workload! While some of the people in the "packaging department" are making mab made tailor-made gift boxes for the bath balls, it was up to the others to make the
production of the bath balls. For this purpose, portions of soda, citric acid and cornstarch were weighed out, food coloring and essential spruce needle oil were mixed with milk whitener and added as well. Afterwards one melted cocoa butter in a further bowl – over a pot with warm water – and stirred this afterwards draughty under the water. Now the mass could be pressed into bath balls with molds.

The enthusiasm was enormous when the green, fragrant beads rolled out of the molds. They were quickly wrapped in cling film and sealed with a small bow. Draped on a praline coaster, they were placed in the prepared gift boxes, which were then presented to the guests
lovingly in the "deco" department were decorated. They stamped, punched, bound and glued – and created wonderful one-of-a-kind items. Last but not least, the "christmas angels" made their way to the castle to the production of the bath salts. This was also partially decorated with food coloring and
atheric spruce needle oil was added and sprinkled in layers into a decorative glass before it was further decorated. "Spruce needleol can help especially in the coming cold season. It is anti-inflammatory, helps with rheumatism, strengthens the immune system, helps against respiratory infections, arthritis, fungal infections and sciatic pain. It also has an expectorant, diuretic, diaphoretic and antimicrobial effect", OGV chairman matthias fischer explained to the astonished children. What a valuable treasure from our frankenwald – the "forest of the year 2017"! What a great "tree of the year 2017", the spruce!

While it had already become dark outside, the busy day in the christmas workshop was brought to a close with mulled wine, gingerbread and muffins before each angel went his or her own way for this eventful year – with the anticipation of a similarly exciting and educational program in 2018!

"Fischbachs frecha fruchtla": founded in 2015. The youth group has set itself the goal of respecting and protecting our nature and environment, as well as to further develop the knowledge about it and to convey it to others. In addition, one wants to demand and cultivate the camaraderie and friendship. Under this motto, handicraft afternoons, expert lectures suitable for children, hikes, family celebrations and much more are organized at irregular intervals. The actions always have an annual motto. After the "bee year 2015 it went 2016 with "field and flur" in search of traces before being chosen as the "tree of the year 2017" this year to the "forest of the year 2017" inspire love.

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