Burgebrach relies on the rufbus also in the next years

The community’s own concept for the establishment of a call bus has been retained. In the past six months, between 25 and 50 trips were booked each month, mainly to doctors, hospitals or shopping centers. The bus rides cost the passenger 1.50 euro each. In the past six months, the burgebrach market has incurred expenses of 5,000 euros for this contract. The market town council has now decided to extend the concept for another three years. First mayor johannes maciejonczyk (CSU) estimated the annual expenditure at 10000 euro, less the demand of the county of bamberg in the amount of 2500 euro, 7500 euro remain for the municipality. "We should be able to afford this, as it gives the citizens of all parts of the community the opportunity to be transported within the burgebrach community at low cost, according to the mayor.

Subsidy to the clubs

As a sign of appreciation for the voluntary commitment of many burghers in their leisure time, the market town of burgebrach is again this year granting a considerable subsidy to the clubs in the amount of over 50,000 euros in accordance with its guidelines. "The associations in the community are regarded as important cultural supporters of the community", according to maciejonczyk. "The work done deserves great recognition."
The sports clubs receive, among other things, five euros for each adult member and eleven euros for each youth member. The fire departments are granted 1.10 euros per inhabitant of the area, this year a total of 7737.40 euros. The music clubs are subsidized by the market burgebrach in addition to a basic amount of 600 euros with another eleven euros for the active youths. This year for the first time an adjustment to the guidelines of the sport associations takes place.
Do the music clubs have musical leaders and/or. Instructors with proven training, can be granted 200 euros per year each, which are however credited to the basic amount. All other cultural associations receive lump sums. After the model building club bamberg e. V. His seat in burgebrach, also receives 100 euros. The DLRG OV burgebrach e. V. Receive a grant of 1000 euros more, because the current increased cost of housing the vehicle can not be borne by the association alone.
For the year 2018, funds in the amount of 2.26 million euros from the city’s construction budget will again be requested: planning orders and acceptance for the "metznerhaus", for the barrier-free design of the local center, for local core reorganization burggraben and partial area main street, the opening of the parish garden and the land acquisition and planning for the narrowing house as well as the implementation of the mobilization concept in the local center are planned. Also private mabnahmen like the renovation of the parish house and the old muhle, the new building of the metznerhaus and a roof renovation were considered in the registration.
Finally, the mayor informed that the fourth market day will take place on the last sunday in november.

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