Breakdancing against bullying

Breakdancing against bullying

"We can do that too." The full-bodied announcement by some of the schoolchildren was the starting point. At the time, the young high school students were there as battle bums and cheered on their classmates. One year later, the boys of the 6.Class as "the jumpers even on the stage at the schools' kreistanzfest – and they made anything but a bad figure.

For german teacher barbara liebner, the idea from last year was met with open ears and with david kunkel and philip kleinheinz, who are no longer unknown in the bruckenau dance scene, two young, motivated dancers have been found as trainers. The two bruckenauers were themselves students at the school center and train once a week at a dance school in schweinfurt, and many days a week in the TV hall at the local gymnastics club. The latter has also offered the group to continue dancing after the end of the project as a club section.

Since february, the students have been working hard on dance steps and gymnastic elements on saturdays. "Because it makes fun", said one of the 16 boys when asked why he wanted to dance as a boy.

For the two trainers, too, the project was initially exciting new territory: "we are gaining completely new experiences here, because it is something completely different to only use what we have learned ourselves apply or pass on to others" emphasizes philip kleinheinz. "It gives me a great boost to see the progress of the boys" says his partner, says his partner david kunkel.

And then, suddenly, the time has come: at the 12. The first time an all-boys troupe performs at the schools' district dance festival. In their breakdance number, the boys from franz-miltenberger-gymnasium address the issue of bullying at schools: two groups, nerds and gangsters, meet, finally help each other and unite for the finale.

With top-rocking, the dancing in standing position begins their number. They have made great strides. And also the poses come cool ruber. Then it goes for the main dancers on the dancefloor, the floor. The dance steps (moves) called footworks or downrocking with many gymnastics elements are what make breakdancing so exciting.

The eleven to twelve year olds show everything they have learned in the the short time they have learned: freezes, i.E. Impressive and weird positions like handstands with spread legs and the turns on backs or even heads, the so-called powermoves.

Once again for all
Sweaty sport and no lax dancing is that. Schoolchildren on the stands are roused to enthusiastic applause. They cheer the boys. Enough encouragement for the young dancers to continue showing their figures after their performance.

A really worth seeing performance, which there to the final it 12. Dance festival was to be seen. Moody it turned out to be a bull's eye. Organizer birgit herre, principal of the middle school, expressed her satisfaction. With the performance of the boys, but also with the dance festival itself. Numerous schools from all over rhon with about 160 dancers and a good 400 spectators made the festival a success again.

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