Bitter defeat for the hawks

Just like two days before, the habfurt hawks were left empty-handed at the end of the game. And as already with the scarce home defeat against the EV moosburg the national league player lost only hauchdunn. In the narrow 5:6 defeat at ESV buchloe, the ESC not only missed out on three more points in the fight for promotion, but also lost another player for two to three weeks: georg lang suffered a severe bruise in his shoulder in the final minute of the game.
ESV buchloe – ESC habfurt 6:5
lang, who had scored two goals for the hawks, crashed into the boards after a hard but legal check by buchloer. The attacker, who could no longer move his arm, was taken to the hospital in kaufbeuren. The initial fear of a fracture of the scaphoid bone was not confirmed during the examination.
Without jakub sramek and jan trubenekr (both ill), who had already been stricken on friday, philipp bates and ilja kinereisch, who were missing for work reasons, as well as fabian vollert (private) and pascal marx (still injured), the team from lower franconia had a tough time against the home team, which had a total of 20 players, even before kickoff. Because, according to hawks coach martin reichert, they also exerted "brutal pressure" they were rightly leading 3:1 after 20 minutes. Georg lang only scored to equalize the score at 1:1 (15 minutes).).
The pirates dominated the game in the following period as well under the leadership of their new coach norbert zabel the happening in the sparkassen-arena. After the home side had scored three more goals against the ESC goalkeeper michael tscherepanow, who held his own very well this time, only david was successful on the habfurt side (2:4, 32 minutes).), the hope for the second success in the dovetailing round shrank in view of a four-goal backlog.

ESC tries everything

At least michal babkovic, who had a boxing match with opponent simon beslic at the end of the first period and had to serve a total of six minutes penalty, scored five seconds before the second intermission siren to make it 3:6.
"After that we tried everything again", martin reichert praised the committed and aggressive performance of the habfurt team against the increasingly passive home team. David franek shortened the gap to 4:6 after a solo run (44).), georg lang scored eight minutes later the deserved 5:6 (52.).
The equalizer would have been possible, but michal babkovic – after goalkeeper tscherpanow had long since made room for another field player – failed to hit the crossbar ten seconds before the final siren (60.). "Unbelievable", trainer reichert was annoyed about the second zero yield of the weekend. "In the end, it was almost worse than on friday", said the sylbacher. The defeat was "very painful, because "unnecessary. "The loss of these points hurts us."

Opposing fan donates

That the reaction to the "hawks" solidarity the fact that petr krepelka can have a different look than the unflattering statement of moosburg’s coach bernhard engelbrecht (we reported yesterday) became clear on the sidelines of the game: a fan from buchloe spontaneously donated 50 euros to the ESC team’s coffers after the team from the district of moosburg had once again dressed up in their black krepelka jerseys. His opinion: "it is great what you are doing there."
On the coming weekend stand for the habfurter the games with the EHC konigsbrunn (friday, 20 o’clock) and the home derby against the EC bad kissingen (sunday, 18 o’clock).30 o’clock) on the schedule.

The statistics

ESC habfurt: tscherepanow, dietz – hora, thebus, stahl, max hildenbrand, marco hildenbrand – short, long, babkovic, franek, hummer, dietrich, breyer / SR: saal / borsutzky, schlesiger / spectators: 266 / goals for habfurt: 1:1 (15.) long (franek) 4-5, 4:2 (32.) franek, 6:3 (40.) babkovic (breyer, hora), 6:4 (44.) franek (max hildenbrand), 6:5 (52.) lang 4-5 / penalty times: buchloe 14 / habfurt 12

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