After fire: kulmbach underground parking garage remains closed until 2021

After fire: kulmbach underground parking garage remains closed until 2021

If it weren’t for the corona virus, which probably prevents many people from going shopping, there could be a shortage of parking spaces in the city center in the run-up to christmas. 300 parking spaces will disappear in 2020 with the demolition of the shopping center. And the hope that cars will soon be able to be parked again in the 120 parking spaces in the underground garage under the eku square, which has been closed since a fire at the beginning of september, is not being fulfilled.

Waiting for "green light

After structural engineers and experts had provided their expertise, insurance issues had to be clarified. Just a few days ago, the insurance companies gave the go-ahead for the fire restoration work to begin. The work will take a good eight weeks, as mayor ingo lehmann (SPD) announced yesterday during a tour of the construction site. Lehmann expects the underground parking garage to be ready for use again in the first few weeks of the coming year.

Preliminary work such as unhooking the pigeon protection net that had to be removed from the ceiling in the entire underground parking garage has already been carried out, as michael kuhnlein from the city’s civil engineering department reported. According to him, no damage to the statics has been detected. Nevertheless, there is still work to be done: for example, the supply lines that the kulmbacher brewery needs during the beer festival have to be replaced. In some areas, the sprinkler system is also renewed, which according to kuhnlein has been working. "To limit the source of the fire, and it has done so."

Cost: 274000 euros

The renovation of the underground car park costs around 65,000 euros. A large part of the estimated total cost of 274,000 euros will be spent on painting, which is estimated at 108,000 euros.

Even if the parking situation is somewhat tighter at the end of the year, according to mayor lehmann there are sufficient parking spaces available in the city center. Including the schwedensteg area, there are about 900 parking spaces in the city center.

By the way, due to the closure of the underground car park under the eku square, the city loses about 2300 euro in revenue per week. A loss that the municipality wants to claim from the insurance company.

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