40 Years of middle school scheblitz

In 1978 the main school scheblitz was founded. The scheblitz middle school, as it has been called since 2010, wanted to commemorate this event at its school festival on saturday, 9. June, from 10 to 15 remember. The motto is "40 years of middle school scheblitz – a fair of possibilities".
In addition to demonstrations, exhibitions are also planned. The parents’ council takes care of food and drinks.
The school family of the middle school scheblitz was looking forward to a reunion with schoolmates and all who are connected to the school.

Pioneer in computers

Over the past 40 years, the scheblitz high school has established itself as an educational factor in the eastern part of the county. In the seventies and eighties, the school center with its sports facilities was unique in the district of bamberg. Soon scheblitz was a pioneer in computer equipment and technology. As the first school in the district, a tenth class could be offered, first as F10, later as M-train.
The school also recognized the signs of the times early on: since 1988 there have been visits to england, and in recent years a deep friendly relationship has developed between the partner schools in london and italy. In addition to the classical school subjects, musical education has always had its place: for 15 years, brass classes and school orchestras have accompanied events far beyond the confines of the school. Prizes for art and theater groups have been awarded regularly until today. Students at the university of bamberg have been calling for the scheblitz schools, a model project within the framework of the "modus21" initiative, for just as long.

Awards and prizes

Rebranded as a middle school in 2010, there were nearly all major school awards. Finally, the middle school has also developed as a form of school, the open all-day care and youth social work was introduced. The scheblitz middle school is well prepared for the challenges of the future and wanted to give an impression of this at its anniversary school festival.

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