26 Fruit tree caretakers from upper franconia are fit in theory and practice

26 fruit tree caretakers from Upper Franconia are fit in theory and practice

26 women and men from upper franconia, including two from the district of lichtenfels, michael bornschlegel from zeublitz and peter schutz from doringstadt, successfully participated in the training course for fruit tree caretakers, which was offered for the first time jointly by the district advisors for garden culture and land conservation of the upper franconian districts.

The final examination in theory and practice took place in romansthal, where the certificates were also presented. Over the course of the year, the graduates were taught basic knowledge and skills in the care of fruit trees in six thematic units. The focus was on the preservation of orchards, but also on the education of young trees, occupational safety, tree health and aspects of entrepreneurial activity were taught.

In addition to the technical content, the participants also learned about interesting facilities such as the "bamberg fruit paradise", know the coburg district educational garden or the forchheim fruit growing info center in hiltpoltstein. In the orchard meadows on the staffelberg, instruction was also given in the modules "preservation of old trees" and "summer pruning" and "summer pruning". The aim of the course was to make the participants fit for private and public assignments.

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