Well, the anger was transformed…

Well, the anger was transformed...

Was this the candidacy speech for a lord mayor candidacy?? Coburg CSU chairwoman birgit weber took on at least one person in particular at the political ash wednesday: incumbent norbert kastner (SPD).
The starting point was kastner's 2008 campaign brochure. In his speech, he announced, among other things, that he would focus on increasing the attractiveness of the city and, more specifically, on transforming the angers into a modern congress and event center called. "You have to let this sink in", said birgit weber, only to concede: "well, if you see the relocation of the bratwurst stand from albertsplatz to anger as a redesign, then our mayor has really been able to do something…"
Birgit weber reminded of the "new inner city concept", but "we coburgers 2007 had decided by referendum. "And what did we get? A ball sports hall on the lauter high." She had nothing against sports, the CSU leader made clear, "but not at this price, not without a venue in the middle of the city."
After an investor for "coburg's new south", weber's further reproach to the city, which in the meantime only the CSU and in particular the president of the chamber of commerce and industry are still looking for.
Birgit weber demanded that a parking deck be built as quickly as possible at the train station – in view of the ICE stop. Unfortunately, the construction of the central bus station (ZOB), which she described as having the "charm of a battering rampart," has not yet been completed attested that a chance had been missed: "why wasn't an underground garage built under the ZOB?? We had done something and were already ready to go!"
Before interior minister hans-peter friedrich took to the podium, birgit weber made a few suggestions to the city: "does the recycling center really have to be open six days a week from 8 a.M. To 6 p.M.?? Do all borders have to be planted several times a year – or will perennials do?? And must we afford such a deficit slaughterhouse?" 

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