Vw relies on mobile fast charging saule

Vw relies on mobile fast charging saule

The battery charger can be set up in public parking lots or on company land – fast-charging takes an average of 17 minutes, according to the VW group’s component plant division.

For a pilot project in wolfsburg, the first mobile charging columns should be installed in the first half of 2019. From 2020, the saule, which will continue to use old batteries from electric cars, is also to be used in other cities.

The saule, with a charging capacity of 360 kilowatt hours, can be set up independently of the power grid, according to the information, but can also be charged via alternating current. This makes it possible to store solar or wind energy temporarily. Up to 15 e-cars could recharge their batteries during operation without a power connection. If the energy level falls below 20 percent, the empty charging lug can be exchanged for a charged one. The locations of the pillars love to find each other via app.

Thomas schmall, chief executive officer of the VW group component, spoke of a "decisive step toward an efficient network of charging points". This is a completely new approach to the rapid development of infrastructure. Their inadequate expansion is considered a major obstacle to the expansion of electromobility – in addition to the high price of the cars and the as yet still low range.

In the new components division, which will form a separate unit within the VW group from january 2019, the automaker will bundle its in-house supplies for engines, transmissions, chassis and steering systems, for example. The division comprises 56 factories worldwide with around 80,000 employees. German locations include baunatal near kassel, braunschweig and salzgitter.

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