Upper franconia: 21-year-old injures neighbor and two police officers

Upper Franconia: 21-year-old injures neighbor and two police officers

A 21-year-old man from hofer was completely out of control on tuesday, injuring three people, some of them seriously. Among them also two police officers. According to the police, there were several incidents in the course of a quiet police operation.

According to the report, a 32-year-old resident of ottostrabe in hof called out at around 18.30 o'clock called the rescue service and asked for help. His neighbor had attacked him and injured him in the head. Also the police was sent to the operation.

Violent crime in upper franconia: 19-year-old girl killed puzzles investigators on the scene, the rescue paramedics and the police met a man covered in blood, who was waiting for the rescue forces in front of the hausture. The facts were quickly clarified: the injured man had gone to his neighbor's house shortly before 6 p.M. Because the neighbor had turned up the music very loud. However, his attempt to ask the person causing the larm to turn down the music failed. Instead, he was hit over the head with a bottle at the door. A severely bleeding head laceration, which later had to be sutured at the hofer hospital, was the result of the attack.

The police officers present on the scene immediately took up the investigation. To do this, they rang the bell at the door of the attacker's apartment. Loud music could still be heard from the apartment. The man seemed to ignore the ringing and knocking. Only after 20 minutes he opened the door to the officers.

Initially, according to the officers, the contact was quite peaceful. The officers confronted him with the incident. Suddenly the mood of the aggressor changed. He insulted the officers with a variety of insults and literally said to the police officers: "fuck off, you fucking cops"!" The officers demanded that the man behave himself and that he show them a personal document.

Situation escalates

He suddenly attacked one of the police officers and put him in a "headlock". The policeman tried to use his pepper spray, but failed because of the attack. The second policeman came to the aid of his colleague. In the process, he received a fist blow to the left eye. With combined forces, the situation was quickly under control and it clicked the handcuffs.

The resume of the calm: two slightly injured police officers, a neighbor with a head injury and several charges against the attacker for assault on police officers, grievous bodily harm and insult.

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