Toledo and coburg: loose friendship to become something permanent

Toledo and coburg: loose friendship to become something permanent

Next year, the hitherto rather loose friendship with the u.S. City of toledo is to become an official city twinning. "In january, an annual plan is drawn up with the aim of visiting toledo and cementing the city partnership there", explains jurgen heeb upon request. Heeb is the city partnership officer of the coburg city council and currently keeps a close and lively e-mail communication. Various individuals have traveled to ohio this year, he said. "A wide variety of institutions have expressed interest in a partnership."

The coburg city council decided in 2017 to discontinue its partnership with garden city due to inactivity and at the same time, on heeb’s recommendation, to look for a new partner in the u.S.

Relations with the u.S. In particular continue to be important despite the political situation. With the city of toledo/ohio, a partner has been found who is looking forward to a friendship with the city of coburg and is striving for intensive relations. This interest is based not least on the fact that there is a large group of german-born citizens there. Jurgen heeb visited toledo in august 2017 and was able to establish contacts.

Toledo, like many U.S. Cities, was formed by the construction of a railroad, the erie-kalamazoo railroad from ohio to michigan. This 33-mile route would connect the navigable maumee and kalamazoo rivers and end in adrian.

The city has several prestigious educational institutions such as the university of toledo and the medical university of ohio. Furthermore, the widely known toledo museum of art is located there. The zoo was voted one of the top 15 most beautiful zoos in north america. The toledo botanical garden is over 20 hectares in size. The city also has its own symphony orchestra. Because of its long history associated with glass, toledo is known as "glass city" known. The fiberglass-reinforced plastic was invented there. Jeep has been manufacturing cars in the city since 1941.

In december 2017, a friendship between the cities was sealed, the first step towards a twinning arrangement. This agreement was signed in both city halls. Mayor norbert tessmer is pleased about the new connection: "i think it is important to cultivate city partnerships. From my point of view they serve besides the important people communication and the cultural exchange also the economic cooperation." "In 2018, the understanding is to be further developed, this will first be done through contact between the educational institutions and mutual visits", so jurgen heeb about the first plans for the new town friendship.

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