The state of building land development causes discussion

Arkadius guzy four years ago, the lack of building sites was already affecting the district. At the town hall meeting on wednesday evening, the topic once again provoked some heated discussion – as it has in the meantime in other parts of the town.

The dilemma remains unchanged: the only possible site for a new building area is the area around the old farmhouse. But as in the past, the owners of the agricultural plots are not prepared to sell, explained local commissioner bernd hufner. According to mayor armin warmuth (CSU), the city of untererthal currently has no flat land of its own.

At the same time there are vacant building sites in the local area. Their owners are not willing to sell either. "We have a huge potential of private building plots that are not for sale", said city builder detlef mohr. The district office suggests that the city should first develop it. And hufner referred to the fact that first of all concrete people who were willing to build had to come forward.

The city now wants to secure a right of first refusal for undeveloped parcels. Warmuth announced that the city council will discuss the matter in the near future. With the right of first refusal, the city wants to counteract the hoarding of building sites. If building plots are sold after all, it can prevent the new owners from holding the flats in stock again. However, the burgermeister described the right of first refusal as a weak instrument.

Warmuth promised to contact the owners of the potential expansion area again. Nevertheless, he made it clear that the city will not designate a coarse building area with 20 or 30 lots. The mayor referred to the discussion about land sealing and said: "in everything we must keep the inner development in mind."

Driving too fast in some streets, the condition of the playground at the fire station in need of renovation and the inadequate flood protection despite the new retention basin, according to many homeowners, were further topics that the participants at the town hall meeting put on record for the town representatives. Herbert baus took up the discussion about the traffic concept for the city center: he spoke out against the fact that the untererthalers were basically deprived of the bypass via weberstrabe, kobelstrabe and seeshoferstrabe.

Renovation of the old school building will soon be finished. Only the wind catcher is missing. This year the city wants to get the planning and the application for the church environment underway, said warmuth. The cost estimate is 450 000 euro. A grant from the office for rural development and funds from the city and the diocese are to cover the sum. The planning will possibly be presented at an extra castle meeting.

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