Security advisor: skripals were spied on for years

Security advisor: skripals were spied on for years

Russian intelligence services spied on ex-double agent sergej skripal and his daughter julia for at least five years, according to british reports.

The russian military intelligence service GRU has been spying on the daughter’s e-mail accounts since around 2013, british security adviser mark sedwill wrote in a letter to nato secretary general jens stoltenberg. The letter was published on a british government website.

In the letter, grobbritannien repeats the accusation that russia has produced and stored small quantities of the warfare agent nowitschok in recent years. "Only russia has the technical means, the experience and a motive for attacking the skripals," it says. There is no other plausible explanation for the attack.

In russian special forces, according to sedwill, the application of nerve agents on turgriffen has also been tested. This is how the assassination attempt on the skripals is said to have been carried out almost six weeks ago.

Russian ambassador to london alexander yakovenko said of the letter: "if someone was spied on, why didn’t the british (intelligence) services complain about it??"

Sergei skripal had worked for the GRU intelligence service and passed on information to the british MI6. 2004 he blew the whistle. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison in russia. In a prisoner exchange he came to great britain in 2010.

The former russian spy and his daughter were found on the 4. Marz found unconscious on a park bench in salisbury, south england. They were the victims of an attack using the nowichok agent, british investigators have discovered. The nerve agent was once produced in the soviet union.

Independent experts from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) confirmed the presence of nowitschok at the scene of the crime on thursday. But they provided no clues to the perpetrators.

Julia skripal was recently released from the hospital in salisbury and is reported to be in a safe place. Her father must continue to be treated in the clinic.

The skripal case had led to a serious diplomatic crisis; dozens of diplomats were mutually expelled. The EU meanwhile sent its russian ambassador markus ederer back to moscow. The german diplomat, who was ordered back to brussels because of the poison attack, has been back at his post in the russian capital since thursday, according to a spokeswoman for EU high representative federica mogherini.

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