Rohingya will initially live in emergency camps after return

Rohingya will initially live in emergency camps after return

The rohingya who have fled to bangladesh since august are to be housed in temporary shelters near their former villages after being repatriated to myanmar.

This was announced by the eagle minister of bangladesh, A.H. Mahmood ali, at a press conference, as reported by the bengali newspaper the daily star. His country has proposed to myanmar to ask india and china for help in building the camps, ali reportedly said. But there could be no fixed timetable for the ruckfuhrung agreed by both states on thursday.

Ali said both countries will seek support from the un refugee agency, the unhcr, in the repatriation process. Human rights groups on friday condemned the two countries’ agreement on repatriation. "The idea that burma (myanmar) will now welcome (the rohingya) into their smoky villages with open arms is laughable," said bill frelick, head of the human rights organization’s refugee program.

UNHCR also criticized the plan. The state of rakhine, where the fled rohingya come from, is currently not safe enough for them to return, the organization said on friday – ahead of ali’s announcement. The rohingya are seen as illegal immigrants in myanmar, although the families of many have been living in the country since the 19th century. Living there in the twenty-first century.

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